Accelerate Your Beauty Business To The Next Level!

You don't have to BOSS alone! 

Whether you're just starting out or even if you're a seasoned pro, this is huuuuuge for any beauty mogul!




-Million Dollar Beauty Biz

The MDBB is an action-packed program that will have you reaping back your investment within the first 30 days! Hustle mode on! How fast you accelerate your business is all up to you!

I built this series for the beauty boss in mind who has dreams of creating a practice that's thriving, busy and ready to serve! I teach you what to do so that you can call the shots! Work on who you want to, when you want to, and at the price you deserve.

-Fresh New Material Uploaded Weekly

I absolutely liiiiiiiiiiiiive to see my members succeed!

With the membership, I keep you updated on the latest in digital marketing tactics specific to the beauty industry! Don't get left behind, success is always faster by association.

Also, you'll get my tips on how do you get influencers with a MILLION FOLLOWERS or more to promote your business, for free!

-Pretty Rich Tribe Facebook Group

I understand the struggle because I've been there!

Entrepreneurs deserve a safe haven to process the kinks of their business. Bossing can be lonely! Pretty Rich Facebook Groups are an oasis for support. Get ready to meet your tribe! 

-Finally, You Get Access To Coaching With Me!

I do weekly Zoom or Facebook Live coaching sessions which are only available to the special VIP ladies of PR. 

The Ultimate Professional Photo Class for PMU Artists!

It's time for all PMU Bosses to revamp our portfolio, take, and edit photos that will transform into more clients! Best part is, I will show you how to do this with just your phone and a couple of handy apps. No Photoshop is required.