5 Tips For Instagram Marketing For Small Beauty Businesses To Get New Clients


Today we're talking about how to use Instagram to market your beauty business to gain new clients that ACTUALLY pay you.


I know that this is possible because I did it myself! I built a 7 figure Permanent Makeup Business all through Instagram. In this video, I share my Top 5 Tips for bringing in new paying clients on Instagram.


If you’re more of a reader boss babe, then keep on scrolling! I’ve outlined my top 5 tips down below - just for you!

Clients find us on Instagram. They either look you up because their friend recommends you or they see you tagged in an Instagram post.

If you're trying to grow your business on Instagram, you're competing against ALL of the other beauty businesses and brands trying to do the same thing. So your content is key. You can raise your chances of being chosen from all of the other beauty accounts on Instagram by following these 5 tips.


Tip #1: Know Your Client

It's important to identify your ideal client before you post anything.

A lot of times, when people graduate from cosmetology school or get a permanent makeup certification, they're so eager to get right into business that they just make their accounts and start posting whatever, thinking that as long as they post something every day, that's all you need to do to be successful. And then they wonder why they barely get any clients - sound familiar?

The problem is, you skipped a crucial step! You need to think about who you want to attract as a client. What clients do you love to work with? What kind of clients do you wish you had more of? Think about your favorite girl who comes to see you, don't you wish you had more clients like that?

To understand your ideal client, you don't just need to think about her demographic, that's surface level and shallow. You need to think about her psycho-graphic. What does she care about? Who does she follow? Why does she follow them? What is she interested in?

When you take into account what your ideal client wants to see then you have a greater likelihood of bringing those clients in.

If you're not sure who your ideal client would be - fear not. You can download my free guide to help you identify your ideal client.


Tip #2: Be Intentional With Your Instagram Bio

When somebody comes across your profile the very first thing they see is your bio. If your bio isn't convincing enough and it doesn't speak to them, then they're just not going to follow.

What is really important about your bio is CLARITY.

Clarity. Clarity. Clarity.

Clarity over poetic cuteness, okay? The job of your bio is to attract the people you want to work with and repel the people you don't. What I mean by that is if you Instagram bio looks anything like your Tinder profile then...you're not going to be attracting the right kind of interest, you now?

You don't want your bio to look the same for your business as your personal account. If your goal is to monetize your social media, it needs to be professional.


Make sure your bio is about the customer and not you. Nobody cares about your hobbies, I'm sorry. People care about themselves.


They're not looking for your beauty services to see that you're a dog mom. They're just not. They're looking for something to help THEM.

People are constantly thinking about two things: avoiding pain and getting closer to pleasure. Your bio needs to clearly state what pain you alleviate and what pleasure you can bring to your potential customers. It's the same formula I like to teach to my students in Pretty Rich University.

State who you help, how you help, what qualifies you, and a call to action.


Tip #3: Your Main Feed Is For Your Cold Audience

The content you post on your feed should be mostly focused on attracting strangers. Potential clients. Anything you post on your feed could end up on the explore page, and the top 9 things you post on your feed are going to be the first, and maybe the last, thing they see. You have 5 seconds from the moment someone clicks on your profile to grab their attention and make them want to read more. 

POST TIP: Post before and after photos with encouraging captions that inspire her to imagine what her own transformation could look like. Or post educational graphics or captions that help debunk any myths that she might have about your practice. You can also prove to her that you've been vetted and have great reviews by posting testimonials and comments from satisfied clients! Show her that you have a great track record.


Tip #4: Your Stories Are For Your Warmed Up Audience

Stories are where you already warmed up audience, the people that are already following you, can get closer to you. There you can post pictures of nice meals, your hobbies, your pets, your interests, random rants, thoughts of the day, vacation pics, etc. This is the place where you should be nurturing your audience and showing them that there's more to you than just your business side. Build like-ability and entertain your followers!

Tip #5: Be Consistent

"The faster you want it, the more vulnerable you are." - Gary Vee

You've got to keep going, girl. Even when you feel like nobody is watching. Because growing a following on social media has a snowball effect. It's very common to see very little growth for the first two years of your business and then BOOM in year three, you're a millionaire. That's how it happens.

And another thing, have you ever had a client find your website on Google, book an appointment, only to mysteriously cancel days later and ask for her deposit back? What probably happened was she looked at your social media and didn't like it. In all of my years as a beauty business owner and a success coach, I know that most clients that cancel on you won't tell you the truth. And that's unfortunate because we could learn from them!

I can tell you from personal experience that a lot of clients change their minds after looking you up on Instagram. If you rely on just your website to bring in clients - understand that quality clients just don't work that way. Good clients will do their homework, and those are the clients that will pay more and tip more.

I see this happen all the time, if a client isn't impressed with your content or she sees that the last time you posted was three weeks ago, she's gonna feel like you're out of touch.

I understand that it can seem hard to come up with new and engaging content every day so if you struggle with that then I invite you to check out my free social media guide. If you're stuck at home and you're wondering what to post - I've done all of the guess work for you. You can get free content ideas for the next 30 days.


Those are my top 5 tips for Instagram marketing to bring in new clients. 

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