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Ep. 99: Combating Self Doubt with Rosie McCorvey of Brows and Beauty Company


"Am I good enough?"

"Do I belong?"


Have you found yourself asking these questions at some point in your life? Maybe even for the majority of it? ME. TOO.

Why? Reasons like "Because I never went to college," "Because I was a chubby kid," "Because I was never really athletic," whatever it might be, I think everybody asks these questions of themselves.

In this episode, Rosie McCorvey and I tackle self-doubt. If you feel like you still have something to prove, if you feel like you still don't truly belong, you can't miss this one! This episode is FOR YOU

We talk about imposter syndrome, how it feeds your self-doubt, and what to do with it.

Rosie heads up the discussion about the difference between discipline and motivation and how one will be the driving force of you building your empire.

We also talk about how even in the middle of a pandemic you are NOT limited! I talk about utilizing online platforms and building relationships with people that are ESSENTIAL to building your business!

Carpe Diem? We unpack the essence of the phrase by challenging self-doubt in this episode. You don't wanna miss it!



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [06:15]  Rosie kicks off the discussion by asking the hard question, "What would you tell yourself 10 years ago?"

‣‣  [07:52]  I talk about imposter syndrome and the questions that can nag nag nag at you and feed on your self-doubt until you address them.

‣‣  [18:31]  Rosie focuses on the importance of being fully invested in what you're doing and promoting in your business.

‣‣  [20:47]  PANDEMIC?? This is where I talk about how even a pandemic can't mess up your business but can help it.

‣‣  [23:46]  Right here is where I tackle uncertainty, and how to face it head-on instead of falling into the self-doubt that can build from it.

‣‣  [26:18]  Here's a hard question for you to ask yourself: "Do I enjoy working hard at (fill in the blank)?" I talk about stability and how this question factors into it in this part of the podcast.

‣‣  [28:47]  This is where you'll find Rosie's experience in asking herself the same hard question of enjoying working hard at what she loves. She mentions an awesome idea that will have you checking and double-checking (for the better!) your answer to the same question!

‣‣  [31:47]  Here's where I talk about relationships being essential. With your co-boss babes, your students, your family, relationships are key, even if you need to build it virtually in the meantime.

‣‣  [33:51]  THIS! Right here! I talk about the pain that does come with growth. Is it worth it? I answer that here.

‣‣  [35:54]  What about today's opportunities?? I talk about how you still have them here and now in the middle of a pandemic at this minute mark.

‣‣  [37:30]  Failure--not an option, but somehow an inevitable option. It's growth. Rosie gives her experience with failure and what to do with it to get back up.  

‣‣  [45:08]  Here's where it gets real with YOU, the listener. Life is long, but it's also very short. What do you make of that? At this point in the podcast, I start asking questions that you will have to unpack to find your why. Self-doubt has nowhere to go once you find the answer to that.




I'm so thankful that I got to sit and talk with Rosie for this podcast! You can keep up with her and all things Brows and Beauty company by following her on Instagram right here!

You can follow me, Sheila Bella, on Instagram @realsheilabella!


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