Date Night Q & A with Will and Sheila

Uncategorized Jan 25, 2024

Hey beautiful people! It's Sheila Bella and Will Reusch, we recently had a Q&A session based on questions from our Instagram followers, and today we wanted to dive deeper into some of those topics. 

The Journey to Understanding: During a recent Jujitsu tournament, we met a follower who expressed love for our date night podcasts. It got us thinking about the curiosity people have regarding our relationship. We decided to answer some of the questions submitted on Instagram, covering topics from relationships and money to politics.

Freebies and Dialogues: Before delving into the questions, I shared a free resource on how to have productive conversations on sensitive topics like religion and politics. The idea is to bridge the gap and foster understanding among individuals with diverse perspectives. It's about embracing viewpoint diversity and civil discourse.

Understanding Differences in Relationships: As a couple, we represent a blend of differences. I, the entrepreneur, and Will, the analytical nerd, often find themselves navigating through their diverse perspectives. We acknowledge that our relationship isn't perfect, but we invite our audience to join us in the journey of growth and understanding.

Money Matters: One of the recurring themes in our relationship is money, specifically spending habits. My entrepreneurial spirit clashes with Will's analytical approach, especially when it comes to resource allocation. We share insights into how we've learned to navigate this aspect of our relationship, finding common ground despite our differences.

Political Disagreements: Our diverse backgrounds contribute to varying political views. I as an immigrant entrepreneur, tend to lean conservative on certain issues, while Will, a school teacher, approaches politics with a more moderate stance. We emphasize the importance of intellectual humility, genuine curiosity, and grace in navigating political disagreements, both within our relationship and in society.

Analytical vs. Emotional: Explore the dynamic between my emotional nature and Will's analytical mindset. While there are moments of annoyance and miscommunication, we recognize the value each perspective brings to the relationship. My emotional depth complements Will's analytical approach, creating a balance that fosters growth and understanding.

Superficial Needs: The discussion touches on the idea of my appreciation for the superficial aspects of life. Will responds with curiosity, seeking clarification on what exactly that entails. 

Conclusion: In this episode of Date Night, we've opened up about our relationship dynamics, addressing questions from our audience. We invite you to join us in this ongoing journey of love, growth, and understanding. Remember, it's not about having a perfect relationship but embracing the process of learning and evolving together. Stay tuned for more candid conversations on Date Night!

YouTube: Can Entrepreneurship Ruin Your Relationship? Q&A - with a Beauty Biz Coach and A High School Teacher


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