My Mom, My Teacher

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2024

Growing up surrounded by entrepreneurs, I always knew that I wanted to follow in my parents' footsteps. In a recent YouTube interview, I had the chance to sit down with my mom, Sylvia Molina, a seasoned entrepreneur and the general manager of Pretty Rich Bosses, to discuss her inspiring journey as a female entrepreneur and the invaluable lessons she passed on to me.

The Early Days of Entrepreneurship:

As an immigrant family, the transition to the United States was not easy for us. We faced financial challenges, having sold all our stores and businesses in the Philippines. With no job and limited resources, my parents took the bold step of starting their own business, setting the foundation for my entrepreneurial spirit.

The Power of Independence:

One of the first lessons my mom emphasized was the importance of independence in business. She advised against partnerships and stressed the need to establish one's own business. The mantra was clear: set up your own business and take ownership, whether it's in the Philippines or the United States.

Resilience and Doing the Right Thing:

My mom's resilience during tough times left a lasting impression on me. From facing financial struggles to the challenges of a new country, she always encouraged me to stay true to myself and to "do the right thing." Her belief that doing the right thing is a universal rule that brings its rewards has been a guiding principle in my entrepreneurial journey.

The Feminine Superpower:

Being a female entrepreneur herself, my mom embraced her femininity as a superpower. She never shied away from acknowledging the strengths of men but always emphasized the unique power that women bring to the table. Her ability to balance femininity with control and strength has been a crucial aspect of her success.

Lessons on Hiring and Team Dynamics:

Recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of team members, hiring intelligent individuals, and creating a supportive team environment were key lessons my mom shared. She believed in acknowledging the capabilities of those around her and never feared hiring people smarter than herself.

Teaching Resilience to the Next Generation:

Having experienced both the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, my mom instilled in me the importance of resilience. Whether facing financial challenges, betrayal from team members, or navigating the uncertainties of a new country, she always emphasized the need to keep going back and never give up.

The Future of Female Entrepreneurship:

Looking ahead to the future, my mom sees a bright outlook for female entrepreneurs. She believes that women's emotional stability, multitasking abilities, and unique strengths position them for success in the business world. As a mother and entrepreneur, she feels highly blessed to witness the success of our team of 35 women from all over the world.


In this insightful conversation with my mom, I discovered the depth of wisdom she carries from her entrepreneurial journey. Her lessons on independence, resilience, embracing femininity, and building a supportive team are invaluable not only to me but to aspiring female entrepreneurs worldwide. As I continue to lead Pretty Rich Bosses, I carry with me the legacy of a strong, resilient, and wise woman who paved the way for success in the world of entrepreneurship. 

YouTube: My mom, My teacher, and her dreams when migrating to the US as an entrepreneur


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