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Ep. 100: All the Things I've Learned from Creating 100 Episodes of Beauty Biz Inspiration, Education, and Personal Reflection


This is the 100th episode of the Pretty Rich Podcast.



It's not my birthday, but that is a statement of fact. It is the 100th episode of the Pretty Rich Podcast!


I cannot believe it. I can't believe it! We are finally in the triple digits!


It took me a little longer to get this episode out there, because it was like, “This is the 100th episode! It needs to be really, really good.” I was putting that pressure on myself.

But that led me to the biggest lesson I’ve learned after 100 episodes of the Pretty Rich Podcast. And what’s that?


If you’re worried about the competition, or if you’re trying to find your voice—I’ve been there! This episode is for you!

In my 100th episode, I talk about being inspired by your role models while learning to not compete with them. I also talk about how that feeling of not knowing what your voice sounds like because you’re comparing it to someone else’s can actually help you find your voice.

I spill the secrets that I’ve found after 100 episodes of the Pretty Rich Podcast, all of which GROW you in not just your beauty business but also in your LIFE!

So tune in!

Thank you so much for listening. 100 EPISODES?! That’s amazing!

I’m looking forward to having more conversations with you right here on the Pretty Rich Podcast.

Here’s to 100 more!

(And then another hundred, and another hundred, and another, and another…)


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [01:34]  HONESTY TIME! I know. It took me forever to launch this episode. Here's where I tell you a little bit of what analysis paralysis looked like for me.

‣‣  [02:06]  Authenticity--the #1 thing that doing 100 episodes of the Pretty Rich Podcast has taught me. I start talking about that here.

‣‣  [03:13]  Do you even know the influence of media representation? Especially if it's someone you look up to? Right here is where I talk about the importance and the weight of media representation (because hello? It influenced me too!).

‣‣  [04:19]  How the heck are you supposed to escape the competition? There's really only one way. This minute mark is where I tell you how to do just that (and it's not even that hard).  

‣‣  [04:40]  Right here! Here is where I talk about finding your voice when you have such powerhouses you start measuring yourself up to.

‣‣  [07:18]  Being inspired by somebody and being intimidated by somebody can basically be seen as two sides of the same coin. At this minute mark, I tell you what to do with being inspired by somebody so that you stay inspired, not intimidated.

‣‣  [10:26]  Here's the secret to the security that I found solid and secure business owners have that work to ground them. You don't want to miss this!






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