How to Have More Confidence to Go On Live Video and Overcome Your Anxiety On-Camera in Social Media


If you have crazy anxiety over going live on social media, here's where I teach you how to overcome it.


I am here to help you! I know how you feel! You don’t think I’ve had anxiety? I do! But I’ve figured out how to overcome it, so that’s what this video is all about! By the end of it, you’re going to feel more confident, and more ready to hop on that live already and show up like a boss!


If you’re more of a reader boss babe, keep scrolling! I’ve put together 5 steps that have really helped me get through it, and it’s laid out for you right here.

The reason why you should go live is because live videos get 10x more visibility than anything you post on your feed.

Do you notice how many times you get notified, especially on Instagram, that somebody is live, and you forgot you were even following that person? Instagram makes sure that all of your followers are notified of your live. That’s why it’s so important, but it’s also really freaking scary if you keep getting blocked by anxiety!

I just want to reassure you that you’re not alone.

I want you to be start being SEEN on social media! Live video is so effective, so it needs to be a part of your marketing strategy.

Let’s get started on the Top 5 Tips For Beating On-Camera Anxiety!


Tip #1: Keep Going Back

Don’t give up!

If something is uncomfortable, it’s typically a marker that you should lean into that instead of running away.

If you stop doing live videos, what do you gain? What do you win? How do you improve? You don’t! How is that gonna make you feel better? The secret to going live on Facebook and Instagram is… going live on Facebook and Instagram, believe it or not. You have to keep it up! Keep going on live, keep learning new things, and don’t be afraid to review your live video and see what you could’ve done better. You will get better. There’s no way you will regress if you do it often! The secret to doing something is doing it. So, keep going back.


Tip #2: Pretend You’re FaceTiming a Friend

When you go live, it can be really overwhelming when you see all of these different people popping up, watching, and you’re think, “There are so many people, the world wide web is watching me!” Don’t panic! You have a lifer in there. And what I mean by lifer is that you have someone, I guarantee, that’s going to watch your live and is going to be so grateful that you gave that information. Focus on that one person! It’s just you and her! Okay?

You’re going to come across more genuine if you’re directing your conversation to one person.


How many of you know that when you’re trying to reach everyone you will reach nobody? So, think of somebody very specific, and you don’t have to be afraid. Focus on serving.


Tip #3: Be Prepared

Have a structure that you can fall back on. 

QUICK TIP: I keep bullet points right next to my phone. I just like print it out and then tape it next to my phone, or my computer. Depends on how I’m going live. And when I get flustered, and I always get flustered, I have my bullet points to go back to!

Think of it as a little safety net to catch you when you stumble over your ideas or words. If you forget your purpose and where you’re at, it’s like your little friend that says, “Don’t worry girl, I got you. Let me remind you: this is what you wanted to say right?” It could be on your phone, it could be on a piece of paper, a little sticky note. It could be on the back of your hand, you know, whatever it takes, whatever it is you need to do to support yourself, do it. I realized that for me, one of those things are notes.


Tip #4: Promote the Live

If your numbers during your live video are low, perhaps it’s because you didn’t warn anyone that you were going to be delivering this awesome knowledge—this key piece of content at this time and at this place right and at this handle. I suggest promoting the live days out. Promote it days before you actually even do it, to up the attendance. In case you go on the live and you realize that the numbers are low and that there’s not a lot of people there, don’t worry about that either!

Did you know that 90% of viewership happens at the replay? So, stop judging your success too early. Remember, 90% of your viewership happens at the replay!

Make sure there is a replay! Make sure you share that live video on Facebook or on IGTV. Repost it so that people actually can re-watch it even later.

 And my last tip for how to get over your anxiety of going live on social media is...

Tip #5: Get Disciplined

It’s a mistake to wait for motivation to do anything.

It’s a mistake to wait for the motivation to go live. If you focus your energy on discipline, it’ll work a lot better. Put it in the calendar. And for me? When it’s in my calendar, it’s like the law—it will happen. No one is going to tell you when you’re ready to go live. No one is going to hold your hand and say, “Okay, are you ready? Okay now let’s go set this up.”

You have to hold yourself accountable. You have to coach yourself.

So, write it down! Write it down, schedule the live on your calendar, have an alarm on your pone, and you know what? What’s a great motivating factor for discipline? Is announcing it! Telling everyone on social media, telling them that you are gonna go live on Saturday morning at 11 AM, well… you better do it now! Because you told them!

 I’m telling you it’s just practice, it does get a little bit easier over time, but like I said, you have to follow these tips and you can’t give up. 

Live videos are a great way to grow on social media and also to build that know, like, and trust factor with your followers and with your potential prospects.

I can’t wait to see you on social media. Slay the live game! Make sure you tag me, because I wanna see it when you implement my advice. And that you’re doing it!

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Thanks for hanging out with me! 

Stay safe, everyone. Love ya!


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