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Why? Because this community I’ve built needs to hear your voice too! I want to share your story, your voice and your questions!

C’mon, you can’t beat fear so do it scared! All I need from you is a recording that you create from your smartphone. If you have an iPhone the “Voice Memos” app is perrrfect! And I’m sure Android has one too.

There are two ways you can be on my show.

#1 RECORD A QUESTION TO ASK. Literally anything!

Start out by saying your name, Instagram handle and where you’re from and then just ask your question. I’ll answer it on the show.


Choose a question to answer from the list below and keep your answer between 2-3 minutes long. Don’t overthink it, pretend you’re talking to a girlfriend and I’ll edit it into the episode. I would love to give you social media props for this too!

Once you’re done recording send it over to our email: [email protected] with the subject “BEAUTY BOSS SPOTLIGHT.”

Get out of your comfort zone! Think about the WOMAN out there who probably has the same burning question you have. Or the woman who feels super alone and maybe a story like yours could really lift her up.

My word for the year is “gather”, and I really want to take this community to the next level of connection and bind us together through the power of story telling.

Love, Sheila

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