Overcome Your Social Anxiety On Social Media

If you have social anxiety, as a social media marketing expert who specializes in the beauty and permanent makeup business I understand how difficult it is to have to go live on Facebook and Instagram. Livestream is hard! I mean it's raw, real, unedited and off the cuff. If you suffer from the fear of public speaking or public speaking anxiety this I will give you tips on how to go live on social media with confidence and find your on-camera prowess!


Success In The Beauty Business!

Here is my story of how I made my first million dollars doing PMU brows. I never thought that eyebrows would be this important to me. Microblading eyebrows has definitely changed my life. If you want to learn how to market your salon or studio I am a beauty business marketing strategist and if you listen to my journey you can learn how to achieve success in the beauty industry by following the same steps.


Instagram Marketing For Beauty Business

Instagram marketing can be a confusing and overwhelming chore for salon owners. I will show you the best ways to do instagram marketing for small beauty businesses that get clients. Get more followers. Get more clients. Learn how to build a salon clientele all while using Instagram.

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