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How To Set SMART Goals For Your Beauty Business


STOP getting overwhelmed and start setting SMART goals you can achieve.


Today we’re talking all about SMART goals and how to set them for your beauty business.


First of all, what are SMART goals? SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. This goal-setting method helps increase the likelihood of achieving your goals, identify the necessary steps to reach your goals, and allow you to grow your business more effectively.


In this post, we will break down some common beauty biz goals within the SMART framework to see how you can use this system to help smash your own beauty business goals!



Goal: To Get More Clients


Specific: How many more clients do you want? Why do you want to get more clients? If you want to make more money, how much more do you want to make? Consider what services you provide and how many more clients you need to see a week to make that amount.


Measurable: Just because you decided you need more clients doesn’t mean you will wake up the following day with more clients at your door that magically fit into your schedule. So, break your goal into smaller, measurable steps. 


Achievable: Look at the number you decided on and ask yourself—-is this achievable in my current business? Do I have the resources, employees, or bandwidth to make this happen at this time? Are there changes that you need to make first?


Relevant: Is the way you’re operating your business currently aligned with your goal to make more clients, or do you need to shift your approach?


Time-bound: Give yourself a realistic deadline to help you stay on track! It’s too easy to say, I want to get more clients this year and then completely forget about it, or make such minimal progress on the goal that you end up feeling bad about it by the end of the year (hello every New Year’s Resolution made, ever).


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Goal: To Make More Money


Specific: How much more money do you want to make, exactly? Are you trying to hit six figures? If so, is your goal $100,000 a year or more? Do you want to double what you made last year? Think about it and be specific! Then write that number down and slap it somewhere where it’s front and center.


Measurable: Break down the amount you want to make. How much is that per quarter? Per month? Per week? How about per day? Per hour? Break it up as much as you need to, and then ask yourself how many clients you need to see to make that happen or how much product you need to sell. What products or services do you need to push to make that happen? Do you need to raise your prices? Ask yourself all of these questions and then decide on a game plan: how will you hit that number every week, month, or quarter?


Achievable: Look at your overall number and game plan and ask yourself if it’s actually doable. If it feels like too much, adjust! Pick a more achievable number. Or maybe the number scares you, but it feels right. See what adjustments you might have to make to your business to make the number more achievable (i.e., hiring another artist, raising your prices, etc.) and write that down.


Relevant: If your goal is to make more money, you need to be pushing your sales more. Are you afraid of being salesy? Are you scared of talking about your products or your business? Are you really putting yourself out there? If your business isn’t reflecting a desire to bring in more income, how can you change that? Abundance and attraction only work if you’re putting in the effort and following the steps it takes to achieve what you want!


Time-bound: When do you want to make this amount by? Is it the end of the year? Do you want to be making a certain amount by a specific month? Maybe you want to shoot for a smaller goal first, like increase your profit by 5% by the end of the next quarter. Give yourself a deadline to help you better reach your goal, but make it achievable.



The SMART method is a great way of breaking down our goals. It can be really easy to give yourself this massive, swoon-worthy goal that gets you excited about your business, but it’s also really easy for that excitement and drive to die down after a few days or weeks. If you break your goals down using the SMART method, you come out with short, achievable, time-bound goals that will actually help you reach that massive swoon-worthy goal.


In Pretty Rich Bosses, we’re dedicated to helping you break down your beauty business goals into achievable tasks that actually help make your dream business a reality.


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This program is about more than just goal setting and positive thoughts. We teach you how to implement actional steps that will help take you to your goals and beyond.


Every coach on our team is a beauty entrepreneur who makes a living off their beauty business every day! We have the experience; we've done all the trial and error; all you have to do is let us help you!


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You don't have to do any of this alone.

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