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Sell On Social Media


Master follow-ups, stop leaving money behind in your beauty business.


I believe that social media is a powerful tool that anyone can use if they take the time to learn it. For the last few weeks, we've been diving into the art of selling on social media, how to use social media to grow your audience, and how to make money off of your social media content. Today we're covering the final key element to selling on social media: the follow-up.


If you're not constantly perfecting the art of the follow-up in your sales strategy, you are leaving money behind! By the end of this post, you'll be a social media sales master; I guarantee it.


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Week one: The Basics

Week two: The DM Game

Week three: The Follow Up


Let's get into it.



Why should you follow up?

Why should you follow up with leads that didn't convert the first time? The key to higher numbers is taking the emotion out of your business. You cannot get hurt or offended whenever a sale doesn't convert. According to Brevet, 80% of converted leads require five follow-up calls, and 44% of salespeople give up after that first call.


Everyone on my sales team has dedicated time in their daily schedule to follow up on potential leads. That's how important it is for our business, and that's how we continue to grow the business to make multiple six figures every single month.


Some people think following up makes them seem pushy. Nobody wants to look too much like a salesperson, but guess what? Salespeople make sales! You can't make money in your business without sales.


So it's time to ditch the idea that selling is bad, evil, pushy, or negative in any way. When you follow up the right way, you don't come off as pushy; you come off as caring, dedicated, and passionate about your product. That is what's going to convert your leads every single time.


How To Follow Up With Your Leads

How to follow up with your leads is dependent on you and the kind of business you run, but we'll cover a basic structure here so you can get a good idea.


All communications start with outreach. Either you reach out to your leads personally, or they start a conversation with you privately, IE in your DMs, email, etc. If you haven't already read last week's post on the DM game, check it out here to get my script for getting your first sales call.


You can also download my sales script by clicking the link below.


If you don't close the deal on the first call, your follow-up process starts. Nobody on my team lets their leads go untouched for 48 hours. You want to keep your leads HOT, and you already had one call with them; why let them go cold?


Before the call ends, my sales team is encouraged to schedule a follow-up together while on the call. This is the best way to ensure that the follow-up call actually happens. Then it's vital that each sales member reaches out personally and keep in touch with them leading up to their follow-up.


To some who aren't as practiced with this sales strategy, it can seem aggressive. The point of these follow-ups isn't to make your lead feel coerced. We want people to invest in our business because it's right for them!


When you follow up consistently with your leads, you're ensuring they constantly feel cared for by your business. You're exhibiting the kind of care and attention you will give them when they invest in your business! Basically, the follow-up is a taste test of what your business has to offer them.


My husband and I were checking out new gyms a few years ago. We left one of the gyms without signing up for a membership, and the sales rep from that gym called my husband every couple of days for weeks. He would ask how he was doing, have casual conversations, and make him feel cared for. These follow-ups helped that rep build a relationship with my husband, and we ended up signing up for his gym.


His follow-up strategy was never pushy; it never felt like too much; it was just consistent and dedicated. Based on his behavior, we knew we would get that same kind of care at the gym.


Find A Structure That Works For You

It's important that you find a structure that works for you at the stage in your business that you're at.


I highly recommend creating a free account on Trello to keep track of your leads. You can add links, screenshots, and notes to each card to help you keep track of all the important information, so you never lose a lead.


Our ultimate goal in Pretty Rich Bosses is to teach every student how to not only generate leads but convert them as well. No amount of leads will help you grow your business if you can't convert them to actual sales!


Find out how Pretty Rich Bosses can help you level up your sales game by scheduling a free one-on-one business strategy call with a member of my team today!


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