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3 Ways To Grow Authority As A Trainer


Boost your authority in the PMU industry and start selling out your trainings.


The greatest obstacle many beauty entrepreneurs face when they want to start training or coaching is building authority.


Authority is what tells your potential students that they can trust you. Your authority shows your experience, expertise, as well as your ability to pass on your knowledge through your training, coaching, and teaching.


But how the heck do you do that when you're just starting out as a trainer?


That's what I'm here to help you with!


In today's post, I'm going to be sharing the top three things you can do to establish authority as a trainer, helping you make the transition from PMU or lash artist to trainer.


By the end of this post, you'll have a clear path to growing your authority and becoming a sold-out trainer.


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#1 Market Yourself As A Trainer


I know it sounds really simple, but I've seen this happen. A lot of times PMU artists, MUAs, and makeup artists will decide they want to start training, but they're SCARED to tell people that they're trainers now!


I don't care if you haven't had your first training yet, you haven't sold a single course, or created any freebies. Start marketing yourself as a trainer NOW.


Everywhere on the internet where you have your name, attach trainer to it.


BE SPECIFIC. What do you do? Are you a PMU trainer? Lash artist trainer? Do you have a specialty? Are you coaching eyebrow mapping pros or lip blush experts? Put that in your Instagram bio, your website, your email signature, your YouTube banner, EVERYWHERE.


This is going to be your first step to getting the word out there that you are open for business and ready to teach. If you don't spread the word, how is anyone going to know?


So announce that you're a trainer and start making content about this transition!


#2 Educate For Free


Working for free gets a bad rep these days, and I get it! But if you want to grow your authority as a trainer and start selling out your trainings, you need to start providing VALUE. Especially if you're a new trainer.


Imagine you want to invest in your own training or coaching in a program like Pretty Rich Bosses. You're doing your research, you follow a ton of coaches on Instagram, you're signed up for the mailing lists, and you've done it all.


Which one are you going to sign up with:


The coach who talks all about their products and services but never offers a single morsel for free?


Or the coach that's consistently putting out free educational content and free downloads that help give you a taste for the knowledge they can provide?


Your free educational content is like the taste testers at Costco, okay? It's a teaser for the full entree. You're more likely to sell in the end if you give your leads a little bit to hold onto.


Don't be afraid of educating for free. This will bolster your authority and your reputation as a trainer more than you can imagine.


#3 Make Your Content 70% Training


The more you talk about what you offer, the more opportunity you have for selling that offer. If you're going to be offering training services, you need to make your content at least 70% about training. This is especially true during a launch.


You should be proud of what you have to offer, and you should want to shout about it from the rooftops constantly! That's how you'll get sales.


Take a look at all of my recent social media content for an example. I've been talking about my FREE RECESSION PREP WEBINAR nonstop ever since I first announced it. And guess what? In just a few days, we DOUBLED our enrollments for a FREE WEBINAR!


What I share with you REALLY WORKS, and I know this because it's how I consistently have record-breaking course launches and sold out my trainings, and it's what we teach our students to do in Pretty Rich Bosses.


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Learning and growing will be your greatest defenders throughout your entire career, helping you survive whatever storms the economy will go through.


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