A recession is coming; how prepared are you?

Our first instinct during a challenging time in the economy is to hunker down and cut back on our spending. What does that mean for beauty businesses?


Do you just give up, cut your losses, and hide out until this whole thing is over?


We don't believe in that! We believe in standing strong and staying consistent with your business during good economic times and during challenging economic times. That is the only way you'll come out on top!



I'm Sheila Bella, beauty business coach and president of the AAM PMU Board, and I created a multi-million dollar business in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis.


I'm teaming up for this FREE WEBINAR with one of my top Pretty Rich Bosses sales advisors, as well as the founder and CEO of The Birth Love, Danielle Manguinao. Together we want to teach you how to make your beauty business RECESSION PROOF.

ATTENTION: PMU artists, lash artists, trainers, and small business owners.

There is enough work for you to more than cover your expenses, even during a recession. I promise you that you can even see your beauty business GROW through these challenging times.


There are certain businesses that will thrive even during a time of economic hardship—your beauty business can be one of them.

If there's one thing that building a multi-million dollar business during a global pandemic taught me—

It's that the key to making your business absolutely bullet-proof is having the ability to pivot.

✓  Learn how to make your business bullet-proof

✓ Use our strategies to increase your revenue even during a recession

✓ Improve your marketing

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