Ep. 124: Getting What You Want In The Beauty Business


To get what you want in life - you can't let ANYTHING stop you.


2020 has been a very telling year for businesses. It really has. Those that can adapt and evolve when faced with unexpected challenges are going to be the ones that make it, and I want you to be one of them, okay?

This year has been hard for all of us. Some of you might just be getting started in the beauty industry and you're wondering "how am I going to make it work through all of this," or "how do I get what I want from my business when things are uncertain?" It's not every year that we're faced with something like a global pandemic but you will always face challenges in your business. So let's not sit and wallow in our challenges, okay?

Let's talk about how to get exactly what you want out of your business, no matter what.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [02:32]  So I'm not going to avoid it. A lot of us are having to close up our salons again as we go into another lockdown due to the pandemic. Let's talk about what that's like.

‣‣  [06:20]  What do you do when your business typically requires people to visit you in person - but a global pandemic and mandatory lockdown prevent you from actually seeing clients? How do you survive?

‣‣  [20:21]  Life is full of obstacles - like this pandemic that's making us close up all of our shops. How do you get what you want when things seem to keep getting in the way that are out of your control?

‣‣  [13:55]  What is the key to achieving your goals?





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Sheila Bella:

Close your eyes, well, unless you're driving. Okay, fine. Let's try this again. If you're not driving, close your eyes. If you are driving, just think really hard. What do you want? What do you really want? Six months from now, how do you imagine your life to be? Do you want to have six months of the same thing or six months of progress towards the thing? What is that thing? Today, we're going to talk about how to get it right here on Pretty Rich Podcast.


Welcome to Pretty Rich Podcast, where you're totally the heroine of your own story. I'm your host, Sheila Bella, and I've built a seven figure PMU beauty biz and a seven figure online biz without a degree, without a fancy website or a sugar daddy. And if you and I hang out on here long enough, you're going to start to believe that you can do it too. How about that for a side effect of listening to this podcast? Because you really can.


I know you think, "I don't know you. I've no idea who you are," but I do. I really, really do because I am you, I was you, and I believe we are all on the same journey together. My perfect shop didn't exist, so I created it. The job I wanted wasn't hiring me, wanted nothing to do with me, so I skipped the line and hired myself as CEO, just like you can. So consider me your secret beauty biz BFF in case you need to be reminded on a weekly basis that power is never just handed to you, you have to take it. Are you ready, beauty boss? Let's jump in.


Hey, Pretty Rich fam. How you doing? Oh man, it's just one of those weeks where I'm just go, go, go. I'm trying to make the best use of my time. I'm trying to be as disciplined as I can with my time because there is so much to do and I can't afford to dilly dally and like get sucked into the Instagram scroll hole. You know how it is. And I'm having so much fun with these reels, you guys.


Okay, so as I am recording this episode, it is November 19th, 2020, and I just got word that California is mandated to stay at home again for one month. If you're listening to this recording at a later date, there is the coronavirus pandemic. And hopefully as you're listening to it in the future, it's over. But right now, we're not sure. There seems to be no real end in sight. They're talking about a vaccine.


[Inaudible 00:03:07], good news, I was talking to one of my friends. I'll name drop, Paco Arespacochaga. He is like a Filipino celebrity. I was talking to one of my friends this morning, to him this morning, and he was telling me that his wife, who is a nurse who's in the front lines was already getting orientations for their vaccines. So whether or not you're for vaccines or against vaccines, there's some stuff happening. There's stuff happening, okay?


I just talked to my kid's teacher today at a parent teacher conference on Zoom and she was like, "I'm going to get it. I'm going to get it." And I'm like, "I don't want to be the first one to get it."


I have come to realize that I have done a very poor job of reminding everybody why the heck I have so much time to create content. Why do I have time to podcast? How do I have time to create so many reels? How do I have all this time to create inspiring posts, online courses, vacation with family even? Et cetera, et cetera. I know you guys know that I'm a permanent makeup artist, but what you may not know is that the reason why I have all this time to pursue the things that I'm truly passionate about is because I've scaled my business. I've scaled my business to create two to $300,000 months in revenue, and I did it all through me not even having to be there. I have a permanent makeup studio that now employs seven full time artists. I used to have 14, and now I have seven. And the seven that I have have been with me for five years or more.


How? How did I do this? You see, this type of financial freedom is what is available to you through the art and craft a permanent makeup. If you're a solo business owner and you're looking to scale your business just like I did, and perhaps stop the Groundhog Day experience of going in and out doing brow after brow after brow, and you're looking to create jobs and opportunities for those who are deserving or perhaps those that you love, this is exactly the model that we coach people through in our Pretty Rich Bosses Mentorship Program.


Whether you're a veteran or just starting out in the industry, if this is something you crave, why don't you pick up the phone and text me for a complimentary strategy call? On this free 60 minute strategy call, we'll use it to clarify what it is that you still haven't done in your business in order to get you to where you want to be. And all you have to do is text the word FREE CALL to area code 310-388-4588. Text the word FREE CALL to 310-388-4588, And I'll talk to you soon.


Anyway, so hopefully that means that there's an end in sight. I'm not an expert, but there's hopefully an end in sight. Anyway, but it's so unknown. That's the point. The point I'm trying to make is it's so unknown. Everything is just so up in the air. And for those of you who are not good with uncertainty, you just have a hard time handling it, like I'm feeling for you a little extra hard right now because I remember not being able to deal with that very well in my past.


So we are facing basically what seems to be a second lockdown, whether you're already locked down in your state or your state is already talking about it, or your country, because I have a lot of international listeners, we're all in this together. And if you didn't take action in March, because in March, I just kept talking about it's time to apply pressure. Opportunity does not really go away, it just changes location. And right now, the opportunity for you to make money is online.


So I encouraged a lot of you guys, if you listen back to my episodes, to create an online offer, to have some sort of safety net, because the average millionaire has, what is it? Seven streams of income, something like that. I'm just asking you to have two, at least two, your brick and mortar and something, something that coronavirus cannot take away, which is online something or other, an online business. Whether that's creating online courses, having an online store, maybe holding an online virtual event, an online business right now is probably a good idea.


And I can't believe how many people were super lax about this. When COVID shut everybody down in March of this year and didn't open us back up for another couple of months, I realized that a lot of people were really lax about it. Because I kept saying, "Create an online offer. Create an online offer," And they're like, "No, we're open. We're open." But then I was like, "It's not going to last. It's not going to last." And now here we are in November of 2020, and like I said, it's not going to last.


So if you're prepared, there's nothing to worry about, but if you're not, you might want to start preparing and creating that online offer. And I got to say the thing that did really well back in March were online courses. People who had an online offer like online courses, online events, or a store that had supplies that were relevant to coronavirus did well. If you need something that's just going to carry you over until we open again and get back to normal again, it's not too late to have an online presence and create that online offer.


And if you are thinking about possibly creating an online course, maybe you have an online course in you, maybe you're an expert at something, it doesn't matter whether it's permanent makeup or lash-related. It could be about relationships. Maybe you're an expert knitter. Maybe you're an expert parenter. You know what I'm saying. If you have a course in you but don't know where to start, I have a free online course starter kit. It's completely free, but I wanted to hook you guys up with something that was going to lead you in the right direction so you could at least start. Start thinking about it. Start brainstorming. Download this free guide and start putting a pen to paper and just take notes and get started.


So if you want this completely free online course starter kit, all you need to do is text me the word STARTER KIT, words STARTER KIT to area code 310-388-4588. That's 310-388-4588. The word STARTER KIT. And if you are outside of the U S and Canada, just send me a direct message on Instagram. Send me a direct message on Instagram with the words STARTER KIT and I'll text you the link.


Oh, another thing. If you guys wanted to win a course completely for free, whether it's my course, Grow Your Gram, or New Clients Consistently, or Million Dollar Beauty Biz, all of these courses that will help you build the beauty business of your dreams, you can win a course for free and all you need to do is leave me a five star review on iTunes. Heck, it doesn't even need to be five star, but I'm sure it'll help. Leave a five-star review and iTunes of this podcast. And at the end of the month, I am going to choose one lucky winner. Now, you have to include your Instagram handle because you don't, I won't be able to find you.


So, guys, just leaving a review in general, I appreciate it so much because it helps this podcast rank, it helps this podcast grow. As you guys know, this is completely free. So consider me kind of like a public speaker in Santa Monica Pier on like 3rd Street, you know, those performers who are performing for free, and consider it your tip. So if this podcast has helped you in any way at all, I really appreciate it regardless.


Okay, so another life update. Right now, I just got done with a really exciting design meeting with the design team of my brand new home that we're building. I can't believe I get to build my dream home from scratch. This is crazy. And it's Christmas time, so I was thinking for this year's Christmas cars to get the family and take pictures, like professional pictures in front of the lot where we're going to build our house with like hard hats and stuff like that. I think it'd be really cute. So that's going to be the theme this year for our Christmas cards. I'm sure I'll post the pictures. I'm really excited. I can't believe I'm finally building my dream home. I've wanted this for so long.


So today, I'm going to talk about getting what you want. So I'm going to tell you a story about a friend of mine that texted me this morning. Actually, she's one of my coaching clients, but I love her so much, I consider her a real friend. One of my coaching clients and she texted me first thing in the morning. I woke up to this text. And basically it said that she had lost her book. She has been working on this book for months, pouring her heart and soul into this book, and she lost it.


I can't imagine the pain that she's in, and I also can imagine the pain she's in. In many ways, I felt that way about my event. It was like a miscarriage. Because it wasn't like I was losing the event starting from scratch. It was done. And she lost this beautiful book that she really poured herself into and now she has to start over. It is painful.


I told her to read Obstacle is The Way, one of my favorite books by Ryan Holiday. Go pick it up if you haven't already. And just to remind her that this is a part of it. This is a part of getting what you want. Getting what you want isn't a straight shot to a mountaintop, right? There's peaks and valleys. Because getting what you want is not just about just doing what needs to be done. It's not just about that. It's about doing what needs to be done even when you feel like you can't, doing what needs to be done, even if you've already done it, but now you need to do it again. Doing what needs to be done long enough several times in order to achieve your desired result.


It's not just about doing what needs to be done. It's about consistency for the long haul. Because your dreams don't care whether or not you feel like it. Your dreams don't care whether or not you've done it already. The only thing that matters is that you get it done no matter how many times you have to go back to the drawing board, no matter how many revisions you need to do, and you have to do it consistently.


That's why for every weak moment on the journey to your goals, you remember your why. Whenever you're feeling discouraged, remember why you started. If you really, really want something, it will show. Because it won't matter what it takes or how long it takes, it only matters that you stay the course until it's done. After crying, you have to find the plot twist, you have to ask yourself where's the opportunity in this tragedy? Where's the opportunity in coronavirus? I know that sounds so crazy, but we're all going through it. You have to. You can't stay crying. It's okay to cry, but you can't cry for too long. You have to get angry at some point. You have to get pissed. Use your rage to create something great because the obstacle in the path becomes the path.


Every obstacle is an opportunity to improve, to get better, to meet your greatest self, and each and every time you push through the discouragement, you'll learn something. Each time, you'll develop strength, you'll develop wisdom. You'll see the situation from a different perspective, a clearer perspective, a richer standpoint. When you get up and do it again and again and again, little by little, the competition falls away and what is left is your greatest self. So keep going. You got this. Happy weekend. Until next time.


Hey, thanks so much for listening to today's episode of Pretty Rich Podcast. If you want to continue the conversation longer, check me out on Instagram. It's my favorite place to connect with you guys, @RealSheilaBella. I'm happy to answer any of your questions or simply to chat and get to know you better. And if you end up doing something super awesome like screenshotting this episode and reposting it on your stories, that would put the biggest smile on my face. Don't forget to tag me. I appreciate every share and love feedback from my listeners.


Also, do you have my number? Do you have my number? Because if we're going to keep hanging out, you should probably have my number. So you can actually text me. That's right, you can text me at 310-388-4588. And if you're sick and tired of doing business alone and you're interested in accelerating your success by hiring a business coach or joining our mentorship program called Pretty Rich Bosses, go ahead and just apply. Why not? Check it out. Go to sheilabella.com/apply and we'll schedule a free strategy session with either myself or one of my advisors.


And of course, I got to include kids. So here to send us off are Beau and Grey.


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