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Ep. 106: Serious Beauty Bosses Who Want To Make 100K A Month Doing PMU, Lashes, Or Waxing, Need To Implement This One Key Element!


Get ready to toss your notebook out, sister friend, because this episode is about to get your butt out of your chair and kick it into high gear so that you can build the beauty business of your dreams TODAY. Yeah, TODAY.


So, I've got a little bit of a different episode for you here today. I repurposed a YouTube video I uploaded recently sharing my NUMBER ONE TOP SECRET for making $100,000 a MONTH through my beauty business. I'm repurposing it because I know that the information in this video is extremely valuable because it's truly the key to my business's success and I'm all about sharing my secrets for success. I want you guys to succeed and I want your beauty businesses to thrive.

If you've been tirelessly listening to all of the podcasts, reading all of the books, watching all of the YouTube videos, to get yourself ready to build the beauty business of your dreams - listen up. This episode is going to help you build a successful beauty business TODAY. No more excuses, beauty bosses. Let's do this.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [03:02]  First, let's talk about how too much planning and too much research can actually STUNT your GROWTH. Yeah.

‣‣  [07:39]  What steps can you take TODAY to get your business going NOW?

‣‣  [08:14]  Finally, how can you hold yourself accountable to actually implement these changes?





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