Ep. 37: Melissa Hibbert On The Business Of Beauty And The Importance Of Being Excellent


Are you dreaming of leaving your dream job and making it big in the beauty industry? Have you been hustling and hustling trying to make your dream work but you're just at the end of your rope and don't know how to make it work? Do you just want a sign that you CAN do it?


I've got your back, sister! For this episode, I brought in super successful celebrity makeup artist, Melissa Hibbert, to give us all of the behind the scenes secrets to making your beauty business the next big success story!

Melissa Hibbert has been in the beauty industry for 8 years and in that time she's had more celebrity clients than I can count and she's been on Bravo, Oxygen, Lifetime, VH1, BET, CBS, and so many other shows. She's worked super hard to get here and she deserves ALL of her success. And now she's giving back, sharing all of her expertise with all of you so that you can also build the beauty business of your dreams.


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [04:11]  I like to kick things off with some quick get-to-know-you questions for listeners who aren't familiar with our guest, Melissa Hibbert!

‣‣  [07:10]  Melissa gives her backstory: how she discovered makeup, side-hustling in college, working in Corporate America, and finally breaking out as the incredible makeup artist she is now.

‣‣  [18:41]  Here, we talk about how life shifts like having a baby can transform the way our businesses operate as well as how our clients see us.

‣‣  [23:56]  If you're just starting out in beauty or you're struggling and really looking for ways to build your influence, listen here. Melissa has a lot of GREAT advice for you.

‣‣  [31:57]  Melissa is incredibly influential in the beauty industry and I put a lot of value in her opinion. So when I ask her what beauty entrepreneurs are doing to hold themselves back and why they're doing it, I know she's going to be incredibly honest and really reveal why some beauty entrepreneurs are getting in their own way.

‣‣  [38:59]  Piggybacking off of our previous point, Melissa and I get into the difference between being busy and being productive. You probably need to listen to this one.

‣‣  [40:56]  Melissa hustled her butt off to get where she is today and I just want to dive into her mindset a little bit and try to understand what it really feels like when you go from a "nobody" in the industry to a somebody. Because she's really up there.

‣‣  [49:25]  BEAUTY BOSSES are you doing every thing you can think of to make your business successful and you're STILL not achieving that success you dream of? Well, are you sure you've tried everything? Here I ask Melissa what opportunities she feels most beauty entrepreneurs are overlooking. Yeah. Maybe you haven't tried these things and you should because they can make all the difference.

‣‣  [01:04:32]  Our closing questions: what's one piece advice you've received that continues to impact you every day, and what would you tell your younger self about how to live a pretty rich life.





Melissa is such an inspiration! I'm so grateful she agreed to come on the show. If you want to keep up with her and all of the amazing things she does in her career, you can find her on Instagram, right here!

You can follow me, Sheila Bella, on Instagram @realsheilabella!


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