This episode is going to make you EXCUSE-LESS.


We all love our excuses, okay! We can't help it. They're just so easy...and so reliable...so comfortable...cozy...

BUT they're not helping us get anywhere! They're not helping us achieve the success we're dreaming of. Can you imagine asking an entrepreneur how they became so rich and successful and their answer being "oh I just made excuses all the time."


It doesn't work that way. Your excuses are only getting in your way. And I can guarantee that our guest for this episode is going to make you look at your excuses and say "um...what the hell am I letting THAT stop me for?" So if you're ready to shove those silly excuses aside and actually get to work building the life and business of your dreams, check out this episode with the incredible inspirational six-figure microblading artist Amanda Breuer.


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [15:00]  For those of you who are unfortunately...

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Ep. 115: Ripped And Rich With The Scuplted Vegan Kim Constable AKA The Million Dollar Mentor: Bringing You Tips To "Muscle Up" Your PMU, Lash, Or Microblading Beauty Business


Saying you CAN'T do something is just another way that FEAR and COMFORT hold you back from achieving your goals. 


In this episode, I have the controversial Kim Constable AKA The Sculpted Vegan AKA The Million Dollar Mentor. Not only is she helping people build the bodies of their dreams, but she's also helping them make their millions. If anyone exemplifies the Pretty Rich mindset - it's her.

And she's not mincing her words in this podcast. If you're not achieving your goals - truth is that you're probably the MAIN thing holding you back. Are you really ready to level up and GROW your business? Then listen up richies.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [17:14]  We start off the conversation with some rapid-fire questions to warm us up.

‣‣  [25:14]  It's easy to see someone as successful as Kim on Instagram and think "ugh she has EVERYTHING! She has everything figured out!" So I want to know what is challenging her...

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Ep. 113: Starting A Business And Keeping It Real With Jackie Nguyen Of Cafe Cà Phê: From Miss Saigon National Tour To Boss Babe In The Mobile Coffee Biz




Did you put yourself and your dreams on hold for this?

Listen up, sister-friend, I'm not telling you things aren't hard. BUT YOU CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER TO START YOUR BUSINESS.

I know, that might be bold. But I know that after this episode you will be inspired and motivated to get your butt in gear and START THAT BUSINESS. Why? Because I brought on my good friend Jackie Nguyen who started a mobile coffee shop all during the pandemic.

She's doing it and she's killing it and she's sharing all of it on social media, so you should definitely check her out for more motivation. But seriously, you don't need to put your dreams on hold forever. Yes, things will be hard, but you can't let the hard stuff stop you. I can help you! We can make your dreams come true. All of that power is in your hands you just have to take it and make something with it.

Are you ready? Let's do this


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Ep. 79: The Real Reason Why Some Clients Never Come Back


The REAL reasons why clients GHOST you. Why do some of them disappear and never come back? Not even for a touch-up? 


It can be really discouraging when clients ghost you. Has that ever happened to you before? You thought you had a great experience with a client, you thought you gave her a great service, you hugged at the end of your appointment, she tipped you, but when it came time to get her back in your studio for her follow up or her touch up...silence. Either she never returned your calls or she came up with some excuse for not returning and then you never heard from her again!

Yeah. You were ghosted. I'm sorry. It can be hard when clients won't give us straight-up reasons for not returning and not referring us. Referrals drive business. In this episode, I share two stories from a former client and from a friend that will give you some insight into why some clients never come back. If you've ever been ghosted or you want to prevent that from happening,...

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Ep. 74: Embrace The Suck! Interview with Daniella Carrasco


We all have these crazy, gnarly, sad experiences that we carry around with us. Winners take that experience and they turn it into something beautiful.


For this episode, I had the honor of being interviewed by my friend Daniella Carrasco for her upcoming book Embrace The Suck! This episode is all about failure and success. You might think that the two ideas are totally separate. But maybe they really work together?

I know, crazy. Give this episode a listen if you want to hear us get really into our philosophy of failure. I think it's pretty life-changing.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [04:36]  Daniella starts off the interview by asking me a little bit about my past. I talk about my upbringing, immigrating from the Philippines when I was eight, and how I discovered permanent makeup.

‣‣  [08:51]  Here we get into how struggles are essential to survival and success.

‣‣  [11:08]  I share the one thing...

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Ep. 37: Melissa Hibbert On The Business Of Beauty And The Importance Of Being Excellent


Are you dreaming of leaving your dream job and making it big in the beauty industry? Have you been hustling and hustling trying to make your dream work but you're just at the end of your rope and don't know how to make it work? Do you just want a sign that you CAN do it?


I've got your back, sister! For this episode, I brought in super successful celebrity makeup artist, Melissa Hibbert, to give us all of the behind the scenes secrets to making your beauty business the next big success story!

Melissa Hibbert has been in the beauty industry for 8 years and in that time she's had more celebrity clients than I can count and she's been on Bravo, Oxygen, Lifetime, VH1, BET, CBS, and so many other shows. She's worked super hard to get here and she deserves ALL of her success. And now she's giving back, sharing all of her expertise with all of you so that you can also build the beauty business of your dreams.


Here are the episode highlights:...

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Ep. 2: Why Fitness And Business Mindset Go Hand In Hand. Anthea Shares Her Story On How She Beat Her Addiction To Binge Eating And How She Changed Her Victim Mentality To A Winning One!


Did you know that the mindset of achieving your fitness goals and the mindset of achieving your business goals go hand in hand?


I know, my mind was blown when I realized it too. But fitness and business are not dissimilar. In fact, they take the same levels of determination and discipline.

If you don't already believe me, Anthea and I are here to prove it to you. In this episode, we're deep-diving into Anthea's fitness journey, the relationship she had with her body and food growing up, when she realized she needed to flip the switch to fix her mindset, and how achieving her fitness goals have aligned with achieving her business goals.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [06:32]  I want to start out by getting Anthea comfortable and getting her to play the Fat Penguin Five with me, my ice breaker game.

‣‣  [19:32]  Here we start to dive into Anthea's background story, her relationship with food, and aestheticism.

‣‣ ...

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