Ep. 2: Why Fitness And Business Mindset Go Hand In Hand. Anthea Shares Her Story On How She Beat Her Addiction To Binge Eating And How She Changed Her Victim Mentality To A Winning One!


Did you know that the mindset of achieving your fitness goals and the mindset of achieving your business goals go hand in hand?


I know, my mind was blown when I realized it too. But fitness and business are not dissimilar. In fact, they take the same levels of determination and discipline.

If you don't already believe me, Anthea and I are here to prove it to you. In this episode, we're deep-diving into Anthea's fitness journey, the relationship she had with her body and food growing up, when she realized she needed to flip the switch to fix her mindset, and how achieving her fitness goals have aligned with achieving her business goals.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [06:32]  I want to start out by getting Anthea comfortable and getting her to play the Fat Penguin Five with me, my ice breaker game.

‣‣  [19:32]  Here we start to dive into Anthea's background story, her relationship with food, and aestheticism.

‣‣  [19:41]  When I first met Anthea she was nearly 5'2 and 200 pounds. She's lost a lot of weight since then, so I'm curious to find out when she flipped the switch and thought "I need to lose this weight."

‣‣  [24:29]  Anthea talks about this experience of feeling trapped in her body, powerless.

‣‣  [29:54]  I find that there's a parallel in how people support you when you first start a diet and when you first start your own business.

‣‣  [43:29]  Here Anthea and I find similarities in how your mindset can hold you back both in terms of making healthy lifestyle changes and building your own business.

‣‣  [37:11]  How do you make that mindset switch to stick to a healthier lifestyle or stick to your business goals?





I know you love Anthea. I love her too. She's really one of my favorite people. You can follow her on Instagram, right here!

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