Ep. 79: The Real Reason Why Some Clients Never Come Back


The REAL reasons why clients GHOST you. Why do some of them disappear and never come back? Not even for a touch-up? 


It can be really discouraging when clients ghost you. Has that ever happened to you before? You thought you had a great experience with a client, you thought you gave her a great service, you hugged at the end of your appointment, she tipped you, but when it came time to get her back in your studio for her follow up or her touch up...silence. Either she never returned your calls or she came up with some excuse for not returning and then you never heard from her again!

Yeah. You were ghosted. I'm sorry. It can be hard when clients won't give us straight-up reasons for not returning and not referring us. Referrals drive business. In this episode, I share two stories from a former client and from a friend that will give you some insight into why some clients never come back. If you've ever been ghosted or you want to prevent that from happening,...

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