Get ready, sister friend, because you are about to be BOOKED OUT.


That's right! We're about to get you booked out. How?

Well, I brought together some of my friends in the PMU industry that are great speakers and educators to talk all about the strategies WE use in our successful beauty businesses to get booked out.

I've got Royal and M'Lisa of Spa Strong, Ali Lilly of Lash Anarchist, and Paul Lebbbers of Lash Cast! It's a dream team, what can I say? We're giving you a TON of value in this episode and it's all FREE. So what are you waiting for?

Let's get you booked out, beauty boss!



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [14:54]  The most important part of my personal strategy to getting booked out is establishing repeatable habits that bring new clients to your business consistently.

‣‣  [16:27]  These are some of the habits that you NEED to be implementing with every client so that they not only return...

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Ep. 79: The Real Reason Why Some Clients Never Come Back


The REAL reasons why clients GHOST you. Why do some of them disappear and never come back? Not even for a touch-up? 


It can be really discouraging when clients ghost you. Has that ever happened to you before? You thought you had a great experience with a client, you thought you gave her a great service, you hugged at the end of your appointment, she tipped you, but when it came time to get her back in your studio for her follow up or her touch up...silence. Either she never returned your calls or she came up with some excuse for not returning and then you never heard from her again!

Yeah. You were ghosted. I'm sorry. It can be hard when clients won't give us straight-up reasons for not returning and not referring us. Referrals drive business. In this episode, I share two stories from a former client and from a friend that will give you some insight into why some clients never come back. If you've ever been ghosted or you want to prevent that from happening,...

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Ep. 33: Identify Your Ideal Client & Brand Loyalist For Your Beauty Business And Why It's Important. Whether You're A Lash Artist, Esthetician, PMU Artist, Microblader, Spray Tanner, Hair Or Nail Boss Identifying Your True Fan Matters


Hey beauty babe, do you feel like your marketing is getting your business nowhere, no matter how hard you try? Well, maybe you need to really narrow in and identify your ideal client so that you're bringing in the exact kind of brand loyal clients you want and need to succeed!


We all have ideal clients, right? That girl that we get in our chair from time-to-time and we're just like "wow I wish you could come in more often" and "I wish every client was like you." You know? She's funny, she's kind, she treats everyone politely, she tips well. 

You might think it would be impossible to make sure every one of your clients was more like her but it's not! You just need to narrow down and identify your ideal client - because it's her! You need to start marketing to her directly! Then your business will thrive, trust me.

If you're still not quite with me, no worries. We'll get into it all in this episode and I promise by the end you'll be a believer and you'll be...

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Ep. 27: What To Expect When Doing PMU On Celebs And Royalty A Tell All With Sheila Bella And Joanne Lee


What do you do if you're just doing your regular thing at your salon, having a normal day, and an A-list celebrity walks through your door for an appointment, or an actual princess walks in? Yes, like an actual princess. Everyone can use some PMU, right? So what do you do?


Are you prepared for that? Are you? I'll be honest. I was not prepared when my first celebrity client walked in for a PMU appointment. I was in shock. I'm still in shock, over that moment specifically. But I'll talk about it in the podcast.

Listen, celebrities and royalty are just people like us. But that doesn't mean there won't be an initial shock wave when you see them step into your salon and talk to your face. So, always be prepared for that to happen. Because if it hasn't yet, it probably will. Maybe soon.

If that seems a little overwhelming, if your palms are sweating, I understand! But you all know I LOVE to share all of my secrets with you. So in this episode, my friend Joanne Lee of...

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