What's stopping you from building the six-figure beauty business of your dreams?


Seriously - what's stopping you? I know a lot of business owners who stuck their heads in the sand once the pandemic hit last year and refused to come back out. And I understand because it was scary. It was terrifying. Nobody knew what to do. But do you know what a lot of other entrepreneurs did? They pivoted and they made it work.

For this episode of Pretty Rich Podcast, I brought on my friend Monique Garcia of Browstetics to share her story because she built her own sig-figure beauty business all within a MONTH during the pandemic. And one of the really special things about Monique is that she is going to tell you EXACTLY how she did it.

That's right, beauty boss, she's not holding back! She's sharing the exact fool-proof sales funnel she used that made her successful even in a pandemic. So what are you waiting for?



Here are the episode...

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Listen up, beauty boss, because I have some harsh truths for you. I want you to succeed, okay? So I'm always going to tell it how it is.

Here's the thing: if you want to have a long career in the beauty industry - you have to change with the beauty industry. Things are not the same as they were when we first started! I first started over 10 years ago, okay, nothing is the same, thankfully. But there are a lot of beauty entrepreneurs who are stuck marketing their businesses the same way they were 10 years ago. And you know what? They're not experiencing any growth.

They're stagnant. Nobody wants that in their business. If someone tells you that you need to change and you say "oh but I've always done it this way" you need to reevaluate, because if that's your mindset, then I'm sorry to tell you, but you're already on the way out.

This is something you really have to pay attention to. So for this episode of Pretty Rich...

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Get ready, sister friend, because you are about to be BOOKED OUT.


That's right! We're about to get you booked out. How?

Well, I brought together some of my friends in the PMU industry that are great speakers and educators to talk all about the strategies WE use in our successful beauty businesses to get booked out.

I've got Royal and M'Lisa of Spa Strong, Ali Lilly of Lash Anarchist, and Paul Lebbbers of Lash Cast! It's a dream team, what can I say? We're giving you a TON of value in this episode and it's all FREE. So what are you waiting for?

Let's get you booked out, beauty boss!



Here are the episode highlights:

β€£β€£  [14:54]  The most important part of my personal strategy to getting booked out is establishing repeatable habits that bring new clients to your business consistently.

β€£β€£  [16:27]  These are some of the habits that you NEED to be implementing with every client so that they not only return...

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Ep. 149: Top 3 Sales Myths That Are Costing You Money In Your Beauty and Brow Business


You are COSTING yourself money.


Do you know the NUMBER ONE thing that holds beauty entrepreneurs back from being successful? It's themselves. It's your mindset.

I see too many entrepreneurs in the beauty industry that aren't focusing on SALES. Because we have all of these false narratives and myths in our heads around sales; how salespeople are pushy, rude, sneaky, manipulative, etc., etc.

But if you aren't focusing on sales...how are you going to sell? You know? And if you're not selling then how exactly are you making money?

I think we all need to focus on sales more because, to me, sales is the root of everything. It's not just about making more money -- it's about living a better life.

For this episode, I brought on one of my good friends and sales advisor Tracy Russel, aka Inked Arches PMU! Tracy was actually a student in my program, Pretty Rich Bosses, and now she works with me every day helping other beauty entrepreneurs like...

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The reason you're not as successful as you want to be is because you've given yourself another option.


You HAVE to get over yourself.

We're serving up some tough love in this episode, okay? Because I love you - I do. I want you to succeed. I want you to be the BEST you can be.

But if you are just dragging yourself down day after day, woe is me, complaining and crying about how hard it is for you to build this business of your dreams right now - for WHATEVER reason - that's just not it, mama. Look me in the eye and tell me you're your best self right now. Go on. Do it. Exactly.

Life happens okay I get it. COVID hit us all! It came in like a little wrecking ball and knocked all of us down and we didn't even see it coming. But you know who made it out a winner last year? Those who didn't quit. The people that didn't give up. The people who got knocked down, cried about it for a little bit, and then got their butts back up and got to work. The...

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Ep. 138: Money Mindset And My Sales Squad


It's time for us to take our relationship to the next level...

I want you to meet...

My team.


That's right, it's time! Listen, when 2020 got flipped upside down and we all had to close our doors and hole up in our apartments for the rest of the year, frozen in panic, I got to work building a team. And thanks to the work my team and I have done we made 2020 one of the best years of my business - in spite of it all!

I know hiring is something that scares a lot of people. It takes a lot of trust. But I actually have a lot of experience building good teams - first with my salon and now with my online business. And so I want to take a moment to introduce you to my ever-growing team because I'm honestly amazed by how we all just came together. Most of us have never in met in person, okay? We're all over the place because we work from home. We have team members in California, Missouri, Georgia. We're all around. But we've really become like a family...

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Ep. 132: Social Media Sales With Savanna Boda, The Dallas Esthetician


The key to your success is honesty.


That's honesty with yourself, honesty with your customers, and honesty in your marketing. That can sound scary to a lot of people. A lot of us grow up thinking that we have to hide parts of ourselves to be accepted or to feel like we belong.

Savanna Boda, the beautiful and talented Dallas Esthetician, has experienced a lifetime of hiding and minimizing herself for the sake of others. But when she learned to be honest with herself and honest in her social media - when she started to show up as who she TRULY is and not who she feels she needs to be - well, the girl's 23, and she's already experienced massive success in such a short time.

I love Savanna. I feel like we're twins. I mean just look at our IG accounts! She's a girl after my own heart, truly. That's why I wanted to have her on my podcast - because I know you're going to LOVE her. She gives a lot of really good insight on social media sales, how...

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Ep. 125: Sexy Content Marketing Ideas To Boost Your PMU Brand On Instagram With Social Media Strategist Sheila Bella


Content marketing CAN and SHOULD be sexy!


This IS the beauty industry, right? We're out here making people look beautiful and confident and our marketing strategies have to match that!

A lot of people that I see on Instagram, they're just doing what I call hope marketing. And hope marketing, though it may sound nice, is only hurting their businesses. Hope marketing is blind marketing. You need to have a plan if you want your business to succeed.

I know that it can be hard, especially at first, to know how to market yourself and your services. A good coach, like the ones in our Pretty Rich Bosses program, can help you develop a solid plan for marketing your business, but I'm going to share some tips with you for free, in this episode. We're going to talk about the six boxes to check for sexy continent marking that is sure to boost your PMU brand on Instagram.

Let's go!



Here are the episode highlights:

β€£β€£  [02:22]  What is...

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Ep. 122: Predicting Your Sales In Your Beauty Business Before It Happens: Tips To Provide Stability In Your PMU, Lash Or Microblading Company


Not having a way to predict your sales is hurting your business.


You know it, I know it, we all know it. When you don't have a way to predict your sales you're basically just sailing the ocean without a map and no way to guide yourself, just hoping for the best. It's just not sustainable.

You go into every month not knowing how much money you're going to make or having the vaguest idea. If you're not aware of your numbers, how are you going to grow? I know what this is like because I experienced this too when I was first starting out in PMU. I had no idea how to predict what my income would be and I was constantly stressed out!

Listen, mama, you're already trying to run a business by yourself. That ish is hard. If you want to make it work, you've got to get a handle on your numbers. This is something that we cover with all of our members in Pretty Rich Bosses because I know that having a predictable income is KEY to the longevity of your business. It...

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Ep. 120: How To Get More PMU Clients Through Instagram DMs And Improve Your Lash Or Microblading Beauty Business


You HAVE to SHOW your clients that they NEED your service.


Sales is all about tapping into pain points and showing your clients that you can alleviate that pain for them. You can take it all away and make their lives so much better if they just buy your product or service.

This is something we cover extensively in my program, Pretty Rich Bosses. We give you all of the tools you need to build a successful beauty business. And I know that these tools work because I used them myself to build my own six-figure beauty business.

When you join the program you not only get access to all of the courses in Pretty Rich University and private coaching, but you also get access to the Facebook Group. For this episode, I recorded a clip from one of our Q&A sessions where a member asked for advice on closing more sales through Instagram DMs.

If you want to know if Pretty Rich Bosses is the program for you, what are you waiting for? This is just a glimpse at all...

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