The reason you're not as successful as you want to be is because you've given yourself another option.


You HAVE to get over yourself.

We're serving up some tough love in this episode, okay? Because I love you - I do. I want you to succeed. I want you to be the BEST you can be.

But if you are just dragging yourself down day after day, woe is me, complaining and crying about how hard it is for you to build this business of your dreams right now - for WHATEVER reason - that's just not it, mama. Look me in the eye and tell me you're your best self right now. Go on. Do it. Exactly.

Life happens okay I get it. COVID hit us all! It came in like a little wrecking ball and knocked all of us down and we didn't even see it coming. But you know who made it out a winner last year? Those who didn't quit. The people that didn't give up. The people who got knocked down, cried about it for a little bit, and then got their butts back up and got to work. The...

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Ep. 135: 2021 Beauty Industry Predictions With Mimi Johnson Influencer And Beauty Business Brand Marketer


2020 was unpredictable - but can we make predictions for 2021?


It's been one crazy year. Totally unpredictable. And it's been really hard for a lot of us. My salon has been shut down for most of the year. We shut down in March, opened for a little while in June, and then shut down again. Some people have completely lost their brick and mortar, some people have just had to totally shut down.

One thing that this year has taught me is the magic of a pivot. I think we all have to be prepared to pivot at any time - that's the key to survival. So maybe we can't plan everything down to a tee for 2021 BUT we can prepare ourselves to shift our business at any moment.

So for this episode, we have the incredibly talented Mimi Johnson, microblader, influencer, and beauty brand marketer. Since getting into the business she's become a pro at the pivot and she has some really great advice for all of you who have struggled through this...

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Ep. 132: Social Media Sales With Savanna Boda, The Dallas Esthetician


The key to your success is honesty.


That's honesty with yourself, honesty with your customers, and honesty in your marketing. That can sound scary to a lot of people. A lot of us grow up thinking that we have to hide parts of ourselves to be accepted or to feel like we belong.

Savanna Boda, the beautiful and talented Dallas Esthetician, has experienced a lifetime of hiding and minimizing herself for the sake of others. But when she learned to be honest with herself and honest in her social media - when she started to show up as who she TRULY is and not who she feels she needs to be - well, the girl's 23, and she's already experienced massive success in such a short time.

I love Savanna. I feel like we're twins. I mean just look at our IG accounts! She's a girl after my own heart, truly. That's why I wanted to have her on my podcast - because I know you're going to LOVE her. She gives a lot of really good insight on social media sales, how...

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Ep. 127: Amanda Rose of HYVE Beauty Talks About Her "Growth Glow" In The PMU Industry


When you grow you glow!


I've been doing a lot of reflection lately and I'm sure you have too. We're coming up on the end of this crazy unexpected year and it's the perfect time to reflect on how we've grown over the year. You can always tell when people are experience growth because there's this glow around them. They seem brighter, happier, more confident.

A good friend of mine, Amanda Rose, has experienced a lot of growth. And I'm incredibly proud of her because we go back. We go way back. I knew her when she was at a different point in her career when she was scared and afraid to trust. And now she's different! She's...you know, grown.

So to kick off this season of reflection, goal making, and new beginnings, Amanda and I are going to talk about the growth that she's experienced and how you can experience that growth too.



Here are the episode highlights:

β€£β€£  [15:37]  First Amanda gives a little context to our...

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Ep. 122: Predicting Your Sales In Your Beauty Business Before It Happens: Tips To Provide Stability In Your PMU, Lash Or Microblading Company


Not having a way to predict your sales is hurting your business.


You know it, I know it, we all know it. When you don't have a way to predict your sales you're basically just sailing the ocean without a map and no way to guide yourself, just hoping for the best. It's just not sustainable.

You go into every month not knowing how much money you're going to make or having the vaguest idea. If you're not aware of your numbers, how are you going to grow? I know what this is like because I experienced this too when I was first starting out in PMU. I had no idea how to predict what my income would be and I was constantly stressed out!

Listen, mama, you're already trying to run a business by yourself. That ish is hard. If you want to make it work, you've got to get a handle on your numbers. This is something that we cover with all of our members in Pretty Rich Bosses because I know that having a predictable income is KEY to the longevity of your business. It...

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Ep. 108: Don't Listen To This Unless You Wanna Be A Millionaire In The Beauty Industry As A PMU Artist Or Microblader




If being a millionaire is your dream - then we'll get you there.

I am a firm believer that if you really truly want to be a millionaire then you will be. Why? Because I've seen it happen time and time again. Those who truly want it get it.

So if you really want to be a millionaire then this episode is for you. I'm going to tell you my story, how I built my own seven-figure business with NO degree and NO sugar daddy, and how you can too. Because I believe it and you should too! Let's go sister.



Here are the episode highlights:

β€£β€£  [07:47]  I want to start by sharing this embarrassing story with you because it shows just how unconfident I was and how unsure I was in my own ability to succeed, which might be somewhere similar to where you are right now.

β€£β€£  [10:45]  What are the beliefs that are holding YOU back from believing you can be a millionaire?

β€£β€£  [11:41] ...

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Ep. 76: How to Be a Conference Speaker with Ayo and Portia Ijidakinro


How do you set yourself apart from everyone else enough to be recognized as someone who has the makes of a conference speaker?


In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with the amazing Ayo and Portia Ijidakinro, the producers of the PMU conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The process of launching Pretty Ambitious Summit has been such a learning experience for me. Choosing conference speakers is a skill I didn’t think I’d have to learn, but I did.

And there’s a whole thought process to it too! Ayo and Portia have been honing that skill for years, and I’m so happy they came onto the Pretty Rich Podcast to spill all the tea on what they look for in a conference speaker. It is gold.

If you’re wanting to be a conference speaker but don’t know if you’re qualified or how to even be qualified, you’ve come to the right place!

In this episode, we give tips and hints on how to set yourself apart from the rest as a candidate...

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