The reason you're not as successful as you want to be is because you've given yourself another option.


You HAVE to get over yourself.

We're serving up some tough love in this episode, okay? Because I love you - I do. I want you to succeed. I want you to be the BEST you can be.

But if you are just dragging yourself down day after day, woe is me, complaining and crying about how hard it is for you to build this business of your dreams right now - for WHATEVER reason - that's just not it, mama. Look me in the eye and tell me you're your best self right now. Go on. Do it. Exactly.

Life happens okay I get it. COVID hit us all! It came in like a little wrecking ball and knocked all of us down and we didn't even see it coming. But you know who made it out a winner last year? Those who didn't quit. The people that didn't give up. The people who got knocked down, cried about it for a little bit, and then got their butts back up and got to work. The...

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The power has been inside you all along.


I was having a conversation with a friend earlier today and I realized that something we all struggle with is seeking external validation. I think especially as women we learn to seek approval from others and we always think that the "right" thing to do is to put everyone else before ourselves. It can be really hard to realize that you're putting all of your worth into other people. That you're measuring your own self-worth by how others see you. 

It's a hard thing to beat but I think it's really important to talk about. I see a lot of girls who will start getting really down on themselves because they haven't been getting as many likes lately. Or their views seem to have gone down. And suddenly they start to feel worthless. But those are all external factors. And they're temporary. Which means that this feeling is also temporary. 

So today I want to give you a good dose of positivity. If...

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Ep. 136: 2021 Vision Board, Social Media Detox, and My Commitment To Lean Into Truth Even More In The New Year By Beauty Business Strategist Sheila Bella


2020 is FINALLY over you guys.


It's over! We can all breathe for a second. Okay, do it with me. Ready? Deep breath in. Hold...and release. All that stress from 2020? Let's release it. Let's let it all go.

I know a lot of people feel some type of way about all of the "new year, new me" resolution stuff but honestly? I love setting new goals. I love the fresh start.

Why not take this as an opportunity to take everything we all learned from the last year and actually put it into practice? So I ordered a vision board kit off of Amazon and have been really intentional while working on it. I'm bringing a lot of positive energy into 2021. Some of my really big goals are to be more honest and giving. So for this episode, I want to get real vulnerable and personal with you all share my goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call them, with you. Basically, I want to share what's going on my vision board and maybe it'll inspire you to make your own....

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Ep. 135: 2021 Beauty Industry Predictions With Mimi Johnson Influencer And Beauty Business Brand Marketer


2020 was unpredictable - but can we make predictions for 2021?


It's been one crazy year. Totally unpredictable. And it's been really hard for a lot of us. My salon has been shut down for most of the year. We shut down in March, opened for a little while in June, and then shut down again. Some people have completely lost their brick and mortar, some people have just had to totally shut down.

One thing that this year has taught me is the magic of a pivot. I think we all have to be prepared to pivot at any time - that's the key to survival. So maybe we can't plan everything down to a tee for 2021 BUT we can prepare ourselves to shift our business at any moment.

So for this episode, we have the incredibly talented Mimi Johnson, microblader, influencer, and beauty brand marketer. Since getting into the business she's become a pro at the pivot and she has some really great advice for all of you who have struggled through this...

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Ep. 130: Unbreakable Mindset With Master Barber Arthur Lyle Beauty Industry Professional


Power isn't just handed over to you - it's taken.


That's something that I like to remind you guys of because I truly believe it. Power isn't going to be handed over to you. You have to take it for yourself, believe that you have it, and use it to get what you want. We all have goals, we all have things that we want to achieve, and we all have the ability to take that power and get where we want to go.

My guest for this episode is the perfect example of this. Master Barber Arthur Lyle didn't grow up with the most perfect life. He went through a lot of challenges that most of us probably can't even imagine. But he never let those things stop him. Through his faith, he developed the Unbreakable Mindset, the thing that keeps him going no matter what life throws at him. And it's his ultimate key to success.

So what are you waiting for? Let's do this.



Here are the episode highlights:

β€£β€£  [11:32]  First Arthur tells us a...

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Ep. 123: Tess Marti: How To Recover From Betrayal In The Business, PMU Boss Babes Listen Up


The beauty industry is full of so much beauty but it can also be very ugly.


This industry can be really cutthroat and it can be hard to know who you can and can't trust. I've been burned a number of times since I've been in PMU. I've had those who I literally considered family betray me. For those of you who are fresh in the industry, who are new and don't have a lot of connections, that can be very frightening.

Enter Tessa Marti who, while she's only been in the industry for two years now, is incredibly beyond her years. She's not only incredibly skilled but she has taken so many risks in her business. With those risks she's faced her own fair share of betrayals. In this episode, we're going to dig into her story to understand how to recover from betrayal in the beauty busy and get some advice on how to grow into your own.



Here are the episode highlights:

β€£β€£  [01:56]  First I want to introduce Tess Marti to those of you...

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Ep. 118: What You Need To Know Before Expanding Your PMU Business


Everybody makes mistakes.


But sometimes we're still embarrassed about the fact that we made a mistake. Sometimes we're so ashamed that we hide the fact that we messed up from everyone because we're afraid of being judged.

Here's the thing, you can't be a successful entrepreneur without making mistakes. I know that doesn't sound right. How can you be successful if you're making mistakes, right? Well, it means you're taking risks. It means you're trying new things, that you're pushing the envelope. You're testing the waters to see what's possible for your business.

That's how successful entrepreneurs are built. So for this episode, I'm going to share a mistake I made fairly early on in my business. And it was costly, okay? It was not a cheap mistake. But I overcame it. And I'm sharing it so that maybe it will keep you from making this mistake too.

Because that is the really great thing about having a successful business and teaching others about...

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Ep. 12: Signs You May Not Be Living In Alignment With Your Soul Plus Tips On How To Break Out Of Indecisiveness And Live Your Best Life


Do you find yourself questioning your every move, unsure of where to go next, overwhelmed with all of the possibilities, or frozen by the fear of making mistakes?


Well, I'm here to tell you that these may all be signs that you are NOT living in alignment with your soul. I know that might sound super alarming but this is an easy fix!

Once you're aware of all of the signs that you're not living in alignment with your soul, you become more in tune with your intuition, so you'll know INSTANTLY when what you're doing is wrong and you can adjust. It takes some practice but it will help you break out of your indecisiveness and you'll be on the right path to living your best life.

Here are the episode highlights:

β€£β€£  [04:30]  Number one: you're asking EVERYONE for their opinion on what you should do.

β€£β€£  [06:09]  Number two: your gut is trying its best to tell you something and you're probably just not listening to it.

β€£β€£  [07:26] ...

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Ep. 10: The Rise Of Danette May. How She Went From Broke To 8 Figures And From Suicidal To A Life Full Of Gratitude And Abundance.


Have you ever read a book before that hit you so hard it left a permanent imprint on your life? A book that was so good that it altered your life forever?


Listen, I've read a lot of good books, okay? Well, actually, I'm more of an audiobook gal but the point is there are a lot of books that have been really meaningful for me. But no book has really changed my life as much as The Rise: An Unforgettable Journey of Self-Love, Forgiveness, and Transformation by Danette May. And I'm so excited because for this episode we actually got to talk to Danette May, real life.

In her book, Danette lays out a lot of hard-hitting truths and having her on this episode of the podcast allowed us to dive deep into some of those truths.


Here are the episode highlights:

β€£β€£  [08:39]   We start off with the Fat Penguin Five - rapid-fire get-to-know-you questions. Danette talks about her favorite book, gratitude, and managing expectations.

β€£β€£ ...

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