Ep. 140: Be Careful Who You Share Your Goals With


You can NOT and SHOULD NOT be sharing your goals with everyone.


Goals and dreams are precious, okay? They're important and you can't just share them with every single person in your life because not everyone is going to understand them. And each time you're faced with doubt, even when it comes from a good place, it'll diminish that glow more and more.

I will never tell someone "okay reel it in there, let's be realistic about this, don't go chasing that goal." Like, look at me. If I didn't go chasing my "crazy" goal of becoming filthy rich tattooing FACES for a living - well neither of us would be here, would we? I'm a firm believer of finding that bright shiny goal and going after that. I mean, that's what we do in Pretty Rich Bosses, right? We give women like you the tools they need to make that bright shiny goal a reality. And sometimes we have to do some serious convincing because so many people have shared their dreams with people that...

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Ep. 136: 2021 Vision Board, Social Media Detox, and My Commitment To Lean Into Truth Even More In The New Year By Beauty Business Strategist Sheila Bella


2020 is FINALLY over you guys.


It's over! We can all breathe for a second. Okay, do it with me. Ready? Deep breath in. Hold...and release. All that stress from 2020? Let's release it. Let's let it all go.

I know a lot of people feel some type of way about all of the "new year, new me" resolution stuff but honestly? I love setting new goals. I love the fresh start.

Why not take this as an opportunity to take everything we all learned from the last year and actually put it into practice? So I ordered a vision board kit off of Amazon and have been really intentional while working on it. I'm bringing a lot of positive energy into 2021. Some of my really big goals are to be more honest and giving. So for this episode, I want to get real vulnerable and personal with you all share my goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call them, with you. Basically, I want to share what's going on my vision board and maybe it'll inspire you to make your own....

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