Ep. 90: Opening Up Why I Postponed Pretty Ambitious Summit


Do you know what it’s like to “cancel” something for reasons outside of your control?


In this podcast, my team and I get real about why we had to postpone the Pretty Ambitious Summit. The episode gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the event—what went down, what went down the week before, what’s going on right now.

My husband, Will, joins us in this episode.

Also chiming in on our experience during the whole thing is our operations director and boss babe, Laura.

And last but most definitely not the least is my best friend of 25 years, Julie, who was also basically our event planner and stage manager for Pretty Ambitious (oh! She's also the Pretty Rich Podcast editor. Fun fact. Okay.). 

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (which, if you’re not, hello! Do that right here), you know how obsessed I’ve been with Pretty Ambitious.

It was in the works for a year! A YEAR!

It started out as an idea in the...

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Ep. 76: How to Be a Conference Speaker with Ayo and Portia Ijidakinro


How do you set yourself apart from everyone else enough to be recognized as someone who has the makes of a conference speaker?


In this episode, I had the honor of speaking with the amazing Ayo and Portia Ijidakinro, the producers of the PMU conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The process of launching Pretty Ambitious Summit has been such a learning experience for me. Choosing conference speakers is a skill I didn’t think I’d have to learn, but I did.

And there’s a whole thought process to it too! Ayo and Portia have been honing that skill for years, and I’m so happy they came onto the Pretty Rich Podcast to spill all the tea on what they look for in a conference speaker. It is gold.

If you’re wanting to be a conference speaker but don’t know if you’re qualified or how to even be qualified, you’ve come to the right place!

In this episode, we give tips and hints on how to set yourself apart from the rest as a candidate...

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