Ep. 33: Identify Your Ideal Client & Brand Loyalist For Your Beauty Business And Why It's Important. Whether You're A Lash Artist, Esthetician, PMU Artist, Microblader, Spray Tanner, Hair Or Nail Boss Identifying Your True Fan Matters


Hey beauty babe, do you feel like your marketing is getting your business nowhere, no matter how hard you try? Well, maybe you need to really narrow in and identify your ideal client so that you're bringing in the exact kind of brand loyal clients you want and need to succeed!


We all have ideal clients, right? That girl that we get in our chair from time-to-time and we're just like "wow I wish you could come in more often" and "I wish every client was like you." You know? She's funny, she's kind, she treats everyone politely, she tips well. 

You might think it would be impossible to make sure every one of your clients was more like her but it's not! You just need to narrow down and identify your ideal client - because it's her! You need to start marketing to her directly! Then your business will thrive, trust me.

If you're still not quite with me, no worries. We'll get into it all in this episode and I promise by the end you'll be a believer and you'll be ready to find your ideal client and grow your beauty business today.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [05:14]  So what really is an "ideal client" and how does knowing who this person is help our business?

‣‣  [06:54]  How do you find your ideal client? Well, first, you have to know them deeply. Like, every possible thing you could think of. It's important to be extremely specific about who your client is, and we'll get into why that is here.

‣‣  [14:27]  I know that identifying a super-specific client can be difficult, especially if you've never really thought about it before. So here I'll give you two examples of my ideal clients: from 5 years ago and from today. It's totally okay if your ideal client changes over time because mine has. So don't be too stressed out thinking who you come up with right now is the only person you'll EVER be able to market to.

‣‣  [17:46]  Now you might be like, okay, sure. I see how specific I need to be but how do I market to SUCH a specific person? Won't that hurt my sales? Here, I talk about how being really specific and direct can actually help form a stronger relationship which will in turn help your sales, versus just making a blanket "brow sale going on right now! link in bio!" kind of statement.





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