Ep. 103: Brow Stencils! How Maddie Thompson, CEO of Madluvv Brows Took One Idea And Spun Gold With It, Changing The Permanent Makeup And Brow Game Forever!


Have you ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur, creating and selling your own products? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? What goes into thinking up new ideas, executing them, and selling them to customers?


It can be overwhelming to start a new venture, especially when you don't have an example of someone to look up to. That's why I reached out to Maddie Thompson, CEO of madluvvbrows, and asked her to be on this episode of the podcast with me.

Maddie and her team at madluvvbrows have seriously changed the brow game - not exaggerating. Not only are their stencils and brow stamps life-changing for PMU artists like myself, but they're also incredibly useful for the every day beauty product user. Seriously, I have my brows microbladed but I still use her stencils to do a nice touch-up day-to-day.

She started as a self-taught makeup artist, got certified in microblading, and realized there was a need for high quality, reliable eyebrow...

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Ep. 67: Habits of One Percenters in the Beauty Business: Permanent Makeup, Lashes, Hair Extensions and Much More


So, you want to make money.



Yes, I know, we all want to make money. Yes, that's a given, but I think if we really look deeply into what that money means, I think what we're all looking for is peace.

Who are the one-percenters in your industry?

If you talk to people who are rich, what it basically feels like is that you barely look at prices anymore. It's freedom to experience the world and not in any deep, meaningful way, but it's freedom to experience the world without limits in some areas, financially. So yeah, being rich has its perks. Yes, it can buy some form of happiness. Not love, not deep-rooted meaning or fulfillment, but it's nice. And I know a lot of you listening to this want that. You want to stop worrying. You want peace. You want options. You want freedom. You want stability. And you want to see the world. Because why not when you're rich?

In today’s episode, we talk about the 1% and what are they doing—what they have.

Because why can't...

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Ep. 50: Listen to this if Public Speaking Gives You Anxiety


My heart was beating so fast, I could almost hear it. I told myself, "Breathe. You got this."


I'm sure you've been in a position before where you had to do some sort of public speaking. Even presenting to a small group of people can be super anxiety-inducing.

I know it may seem like I have no fear when it comes to public speaking. I mean, I have this podcast, I have my online courses, I do coaching calls, I go live on Instagram, I put videos on YouTube. Those are all, in a way, forms of public speaking, right? So I should be a pro. It should be totally easy for me.


It's still hard! I still experience anxiety when it comes to things like giving talks at events or conferences. I still get anxiety going live. I mean, there's no way to edit those, you know? Whatever I say...that's it. So, yeah, it's still scary. But I still show up every day.

Not too long ago, I was giving a talk at the Las Vegas PMU Conference, and I was experiencing so much...

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Ep. 51: Influencer Marketing With Amanda Paris, How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Your Permanent Makeup Business


Do you see all of these brands growing their business through influencer marketing and you're just like, okay how do I get into that? Do you want to get your name out there but you don't know where to start?


Don't worry, we're here to help. Influencer marketing is a great way to grow your business, especially right now. Influencers are super big and they have a lot of, well, influence. It's a great market to tap into. I did a lot of influencer marketing when I first started and I still do!

I didn't want to just give you my tips, though. I thought, why not bring in a total expert? Why not bring in someone who's on both sides? Someone who both has their own business and is an influencer? Enter: Amanda Paris.

Amanda's amazing. She's a total complete modern-day renaissance woman. Seriously, here's a list of some of the things she does: she models, she's a comedian, an actress, a producer, a booking agent, influencer, squirrel mom, and fitness expert. She also...

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Ep. 42: Where Are You In Your Beauty Branding? How To Fuse Your Story And Purpose Into Your Beauty Business With Monique Benabou


Take a look at your branding. Go ahead, open up your Instagram, and take a look at it. Do you see yourself in it? Do you see your unique personality? Your story? Or is it just pretty pictures?


Look, we all love pretty pictures, okay? But if that's all your brand is...I mean, how does that help you stand out? How does that help your customers connect to you? How does that help them relate to you?

I talk about myself all of the time. I'm always sharing parts of my life and story with you guys. And it's not because I just love talking about myself all the time. It's because the more I share, the more you see of me as a person rather than just pretty microblade brows, the more we connect. The stronger our relationship gets. And the better I can help you! Because we'll know each other better.

On this episode, I have Monique Benabou, who is a master of knowing herself and sharing her truth. You might remember her from season 2 of The Voice. Before she did a deep-dive...

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Ep. 40: Keeping Your Prices High With Kimberly Marie Stylist, Beauty Business Entrepreneur, Coach, and Strategist


Do you see all of these beauty businesses around you succeeding, making the money you wish you were, charging the prices you wish you could, and you just can't figure out why YOU can't be doing all of that too?


You're in luck, sister friend! It totally can be you. That's what I'm here for!

For this episode, I brought in my good friend, Kimberly Marie Stylist. She is an award-winning hairstylist and is committed to helping other hairstylists create the businesses of their dreams through her beauty business coaching. And in this episode, she's going to share with us her best tips for pricing your services, believing in your own worth, and leveling up your business.

I know you don't want to wait any longer for the tips that will change your life, so let's get into it!


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [09:22]  First I have Kimberly introduce herself to all of the viewers who may not be familiar with her. Which, um, you should be.

‣‣ ...

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Ep. 33: Identify Your Ideal Client & Brand Loyalist For Your Beauty Business And Why It's Important. Whether You're A Lash Artist, Esthetician, PMU Artist, Microblader, Spray Tanner, Hair Or Nail Boss Identifying Your True Fan Matters


Hey beauty babe, do you feel like your marketing is getting your business nowhere, no matter how hard you try? Well, maybe you need to really narrow in and identify your ideal client so that you're bringing in the exact kind of brand loyal clients you want and need to succeed!


We all have ideal clients, right? That girl that we get in our chair from time-to-time and we're just like "wow I wish you could come in more often" and "I wish every client was like you." You know? She's funny, she's kind, she treats everyone politely, she tips well. 

You might think it would be impossible to make sure every one of your clients was more like her but it's not! You just need to narrow down and identify your ideal client - because it's her! You need to start marketing to her directly! Then your business will thrive, trust me.

If you're still not quite with me, no worries. We'll get into it all in this episode and I promise by the end you'll be a believer and you'll be...

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Ep. 30: Boss Babe Behind The Vegas PMU Conference, Portia Ijidakinro On The Top 10 Things You Need To Invest In To Grow Your PMU Business


Are you investing in your beauty business? Are you investing consciously?   


 No matter where you are in your beauty business (though preferably you would start sooner than later) you should be investing in your beauty business. Putting money into it, along with hard work, is really the only way it will continue to grow.

But where should you put that money? Well, we're here to help you out. You may have heard of a little thing called the Vegas PMU Conference? I brought in the mastermind behind it all, Portia Ijidakinro, to help me dive into the top 10 things that you should be investing in to grow your beauty business. So get your wallets out, beauty babes, and let's get growing.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [05:56]  Jumping straight into it, you should be investing in continuous education. You're never going to know everything but you should be on top of new techniques and improvements in the industry, or you're just...

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Ep. 14: Making A Profitable To Do List For Your Life And Business. How To Truly Be Your Own Boss! Sheila Bella Shares Tips And Tricks For How To Make More Money In Your Beauty Business In 2019.


Did you know that a smart to-do list can literally set you up for an increase in profit? It's really that easy.


When I finally learned how to set up my planner and to-do lists in this way my business saw such an increase in profits it was crazy. I was like wait why is no one talking about this? Why are we not sharing this with every single girl out there busting her butt to start her dream business?

Trust me, I remember the struggle. I remember feeling like I was spending all of my energy working but not really seeing the profits from all of that work. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.

A to-do list will help you keep track of all of the things that you need to do but a smart to-do list will help you prioritize the things that will help you make more money. Believe me, once you do the exercises I talk about in this episode you'll realize that your to-do lists are NOT profitable and you're simply wasting your time. With these exercises,...

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Ep. 4: Learn The Mindset That All Successful People Have And How To Tell If You Have It! We Break Down The Difference between A Growth Mindset VS. A Fixed Mindset, Find Out Which One You Have Now, And How To Change It In Order To Be Successful In The Beauty Biz




Do you believe that you can grow through hardship or do you believe that it will only break you and tear you down?

Listen up, ladies. Today we're talking about mindset and the power mindset has to make you successful. I know, it's hard to believe that something so simple as mindset can impact how successful you are in the beauty business but it's true. We're talking about the mindset that ALL successful people have and how YOU can have that mindset too.

I'm here because I want you to succeed and I honestly think that the key to unlocking that success is growth mindset over fixed mindset. If you're unfamiliar with these mindsets, fear not, because me and my kick-butt cohost Anthea are here to share all of the secrets with you so that you can unlock your true success through your mindset.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [07:03]  First, we want...

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