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Ep. 103: Brow Stencils! How Maddie Thompson, CEO of Madluvv Brows Took One Idea And Spun Gold With It, Changing The Permanent Makeup And Brow Game Forever!


Have you ever dreamed of being an entrepreneur, creating and selling your own products? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes? What goes into thinking up new ideas, executing them, and selling them to customers?


It can be overwhelming to start a new venture, especially when you don't have an example of someone to look up to. That's why I reached out to Maddie Thompson, CEO of madluvvbrows, and asked her to be on this episode of the podcast with me.

Maddie and her team at madluvvbrows have seriously changed the brow game - not exaggerating. Not only are their stencils and brow stamps life-changing for PMU artists like myself, but they're also incredibly useful for the every day beauty product user. Seriously, I have my brows microbladed but I still use her stencils to do a nice touch-up day-to-day.

She started as a self-taught makeup artist, got certified in microblading, and realized there was a need for high quality, reliable eyebrow stencils. That's just a little teaser, we'll get more into her story in the episode.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [22:26]  Maddie walks us through the early stages of her career, how she got started, and how she realized there was a need in the industry that she could fulfill.

‣‣  [25:34]  All microbladers are artists but some are also entrepreneurs. So here I ask Maddie to introduce us to Entrepreneur Maddie and share how she realized this specific idea was the one to run with.

‣‣  [28:13]  There's a lot of controversy in this area within the beauty product world that Maddie was stepping into with her brow stencils and stamps. It takes a lot of guts to sell people a product like that and a good strategy. Here, Maddie talks to us about her marketing strategy.

‣‣  [32:17]  I ask Maddie what the biggest shift in her life was. She talks about learning to work with others and handle constructive criticism.

‣‣  [38:12] Madluvv Brows is actually a dream team made up of Maddie and her husband. Maddie the artist and her husband the business brains. We talk about that shift in their relationship and how they learned to work as a team.

‣‣  [45:38]  Maddie's creative, entrepreneurial mind never takes a break, something I feel like many of you are probably familiar with. So I ask her for a little hint at what's next for Madluvv Brows.





I LOVED getting to pick Maddie's brain for a bit in this episode. If you enjoyed it make sure to keep up with her and all of entrepreneur adventures on Instagram right here!

You can follow me, Sheila Bella, on Instagram @realsheilabella!


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