Ep. 27: What To Expect When Doing PMU On Celebs And Royalty A Tell All With Sheila Bella And Joanne Lee


What do you do if you're just doing your regular thing at your salon, having a normal day, and an A-list celebrity walks through your door for an appointment, or an actual princess walks in? Yes, like an actual princess. Everyone can use some PMU, right? So what do you do?


Are you prepared for that? Are you? I'll be honest. I was not prepared when my first celebrity client walked in for a PMU appointment. I was in shock. I'm still in shock, over that moment specifically. But I'll talk about it in the podcast.

Listen, celebrities and royalty are just people like us. But that doesn't mean there won't be an initial shock wave when you see them step into your salon and talk to your face. So, always be prepared for that to happen. Because if it hasn't yet, it probably will. Maybe soon.

If that seems a little overwhelming, if your palms are sweating, I understand! But you all know I LOVE to share all of my secrets with you. So in this episode, my friend Joanne Lee of Quintessential Cosmetics, and I are going to spill all of the tea on celebrities and royalty and what to expect when doing PMU for more high-profile clientele. That's right! It's a tell-all.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [04:35]  The first thing you'll want to know is that most celebrity clients will want to stay anonymous. They don't really want you sharing with everyone you know that they visited your salon.

‣‣  [13:20]  Most of my experiences with celebrity clients have been nice. They've all been normal. But I do want to share one of my worse experiences.

‣‣  [16:26]  How do you get to the point of having celebrity clients in your chair? I'll share what I think made that happen for me here?

‣‣  [18:23]  Here I introduce Joanne Lee for those of you who aren't familiar with her and her work.

‣‣  [24:43]  We talk about how Joanne got into PMU and the wild ride she's been on since.

‣‣  [28:59]  Joanne shares with us how she started doing celebrity and royal clients.

‣‣  [30:18]  Like I said above, celebrities and royalty are people too. They wanted to be treated like they're just a normal customer. We talk about how we treat our high profile clients here.

‣‣  [32:46]  No matter what, high-profile clients can be nerve-wracking. Joanne and I share some of our tips for not only relaxing ourselves but also helping our clients become more comfortable.

‣‣  [35:58]  I already shared my first experience with a celebrity client with you so here I ask Joanne to share her first experience doing PMU on royalty.

‣‣  [39:35]  Joanne and I talk about the bad experiences she's had with high-profile clients.

‣‣  [42:48]  Listen to this: the moment you get a celebrity client you're SET. Your career is made. WRONG. That's a complete lie, I'm sorry. We get into that here.

‣‣  [54:43]  Would you say celebrities are more high maintenance?

‣‣  [59:16]  Okay, but, how do you price for celebrities? For royalty? Is it the same?





Joanne is so much fun to talk too and she's super sweet. Her PMU work is incredible and she's always innovating new techniques! If you want to keep up with her or work with her, you can find her on Instagram right here!


You can follow me, Sheila Bella, on Instagram @realsheilabella!


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