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Ep. 115: Ripped And Rich With The Scuplted Vegan Kim Constable AKA The Million Dollar Mentor: Bringing You Tips To "Muscle Up" Your PMU, Lash, Or Microblading Beauty Business


Saying you CAN'T do something is just another way that FEAR and COMFORT hold you back from achieving your goals. 


In this episode, I have the controversial Kim Constable AKA The Sculpted Vegan AKA The Million Dollar Mentor. Not only is she helping people build the bodies of their dreams, but she's also helping them make their millions. If anyone exemplifies the Pretty Rich mindset - it's her.

And she's not mincing her words in this podcast. If you're not achieving your goals - truth is that you're probably the MAIN thing holding you back. Are you really ready to level up and GROW your business? Then listen up richies.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [17:14]  We start off the conversation with some rapid-fire questions to warm us up.

‣‣  [25:14]  It's easy to see someone as successful as Kim on Instagram and think "ugh she has EVERYTHING! She has everything figured out!" So I want to know what is challenging her right now.

‣‣  [27:38]  Let's talk about the magic of hiring for a second. I know that hiring can seem scary but it WILL not only improve your business but also your life. Seriously!

‣‣  [09:44]  I believe that one of the keys to being successful is being unapologetically who you are. If you want something be TOTALLY unapologetic and go get it! Kim really LIVES by that belief. We're both misunderstood by people who only see us on the internet - but we're still getting pretty and getting rich, you know? 😉

‣‣  [40:58]  Fitness and business are similar because you don't achieve the level of physical fitness or business of your dreams by accident. It takes specific goals and true determination to get there. What are your goals and how are you going to achieve them?

‣‣  [48:45]  We like to tell ourselves that we CAN'T do things. We let fear stop us because it keeps us comfortable!

‣‣  [56:38]  Here I ask Kim, why do you respond to your haters and how do you handle that hate?

‣‣  [1:20:51]  Finally, Kim gives us her advice on how to live a pretty rich life





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