Ep. 121: Lauren Schwab On Christian Entrepreneurship, Is It Doable? Jesus Loving PMU And Beauty Professionals Listen Up!


Can Christianity and entrepreneurship mingle?


I am a Christian, okay? I love Jesus. For a lot of Christians, it can be hard, like, can I be rich and Christian? Is it sinful to make a lot of money, is it sinful to want to make a lot of money?

It's a tricky subject. But I brought the best person on the podcast to help me dive into it. For this episode, I brought in Lauren Schwab, creator of the Business Baptism and Unplugged Mornings. I feel so connected to this girl. I feel so connected to her and I feel like she helps me feel so much more connected to God. We all feel connected to Him in different ways, right? I feel like her and I just really align spiritually and mentally.

If you're a Jesus lover and you're an entrepreneur and sometimes you're just filled with doubts like "am I doing the right thing?" "is this in line with my faith?" we're here to help you dissect those thoughts and hopefully guide you to the right path.

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