Hi, I'm Sheila!

I coach beauty entrepreneurs to learn and implement the most effective systems and strategies for creating 6-7 figure beauty businesses so that they can finally gain a strong sense of security and financial independence. I went from $0 to $300k a month in beauty & online courses. I can show you how! Turn your passion into profit.



You Don't Have To Figure It Out Alone!

There Are No Shortcuts. But Collaboration And Mentorship Is The Closest Thing To It. Get The Answers & Support You Need Today. Why Wait? Begin The Transformation Right Now!






Don't Just Take My Word For It...See What Other Beauty Bosses Say About Our Program!



Who Is Pretty Rich Bosses For?

Watch this video and find out if you're a good candidate for PRB and if it is right for you!


YES Beauty Boss I'm Talking To YOU!

If you suffer from lack of bookings…inconsistent revenue…if you feel you offer amazing beauty services but you can’t seem to get yourself out there…or you know you need to expand and build your team…then don't stop reading!

If You've Been Ignoring The Fact That You Are A Little Lost Or That Your Beauty Empire Is Not Going How You Imagined...

This Is The Moment To Turn It Around!

What do most of us do when things are not going our way? We give up. But let me tell you something Beauty Mogul, that won’t help!! Get yourself up and stop focusing on the wrong things. It’s time to stop acting from a place of desperation and never getting anything new accomplished! I totally understand you, I was there. I tried all the wrong things like wasting money on the wrong marketing campaigns, enrolling on new classes to offer more services, the list goes on and on. Then it all clicked! I said to myself, I can’t keep seeing my Beauty Biz like a hobby, it’s a BUSINESS. With a business comes great responsibility and understanding. Don’t freak out okay!? I got you! 

Here Is What You Get:

1:1 Coaching

You are assigned a main coach that wil help you navigate our successful blueprint. PRB coaches are equipped to handle each student on their journey to success. Once you enroll you are able to schedule calls with them as needed and you will also have access to a private chat with them so you can seek unlimited support. It's like having a private coach in your pocket 24/7!

Community & Unlimited Support

If a question or a situation arises for you at anytime, you don't have to face it alone. Our community it's a sacred place where you can share and get feedback from like minded women who will totally understand and support you! The Facebook group was designed so that you can post your question at any time 24/7 and either Sheila or a PRB Coach will get back to you.

Periodic Accountability Check Ins

As soon as you join, our team our goal is to help you reach YOUR GOALS! Your coach will keep you accountable every step of the way! We also turns on post notifications for your social media to "keep tabs" on you and watch as you grow your empire using our PRB proven formula. If there's something that can be improved upon we'll coach you through it. 


Over 100 Courses focused on the path you need to achieve success! Learn Branding, Marketing, Sales, Team Building, Social Media,  Online Course Development, Paid Advertising, and soo much more!

Monthly Group Coaching

These group coaching calls are gold. They begin with a powerful lesson on beauty marketing, mindset and sales. They end with an opportunity for questions so you can get personalized coaching as well.

If you're serious about achieving your highest potential join me!

You can do this! Make back your investment and more within the first 30 days of completing the action assignments in this program. It’s up to you!

Get ready for this to blow your mind! Every single video I’ve created for this series is jam packed with actionable strategies to build and accelerate your beauty empire to the next level! 6 figures? No problem! What about 7? I’ve done it myself using these same exact steps!

The Hope Marketing days are over. Now let's focus on real strategies.


"Since joining PRU I've doubled my monthly income. And I've grown my business to the point where I needed to hire 5 employees!"

Natalie W.

"We went from having 3 regular clients in SEP 2019 to 20 in Feb 2020! Our IG followers increased by 500 in 3 weeks. And our gross profit went up 30% in just two months!"

Lawrence & Chantell M.

"Just a month an a half in the program, my followers went up 1.5 k!! And my engagement is higher."

Laurie H.

"Since joining Sheila’s academy I’ve learned something new about myself and my business everyday. I’ve never felt more inspired and determined to make my business what I want. This academy is much different than what I thought it would be, but in the best way. Sheila is real! She’s helped me to find a better me and I’m grateful to be apart of an uplifting and motivational group of bosses."

Tiah L
Lashes by Tiah

"Having Sheila as a mentor has been a great experience. She is funny, bubbly, but most of all dead serious when it comes to helping your business thrive. I thought I knew enough about using social media as a marketing tool, but it was just the tip of the iceberg! She dove deep into different ways to utilize those tools to my advantage. She is trustworthy, open, & Feels like a friend is guiding me. Thank you so much Sheila. No regrets!"

Cynthia M
Brow Expressions by Cynthia

"Sheila is an amazing person and mentor. I needed help marketing because my Kauai based permanent makeup business organically grew via referrals so reentering the Austin market after 15 years has been a challenge. Now I feel confident I can handle it with her help. Not only does she want you to thrive in business, but inspires everyone to become the best version of themselves. I am so grateful for all she has done, and it's only been a little over a month that I joined. I highly recommend her mentorship program- it is awesome!"

Nancy R
Allure Hair and Beauty

"Sheila's Coaching program has been a great investment for my business. She has thought me so many business and marketing insights, that I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the help of Pretty Rich! She is definitely a Social Media expert! She is the best support system to get you to the next level! "

Griselda A.
Makeup Artist Griselda

"What can I say? Sheila feeds my soul! This woman is dynamite!! She has helped me turn it around, my life, my business! I really couldn't thank her enough. I am really not alone in my issues. Pretty Rich is the best mentorship program with significant and practical business advice for those in the beauty industry. "

Alexandra M.
Brows by Alexandra

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