I know how easy it can be to fall behind on content. 


You don't know what to post one day, so you decide to take the day off. Or you get sick and can't post anything. Then one day becomes two, then you start posting with less consistency, and suddenly you're lucky if you post once a week! 


The thing about content is that consistency is key. ALWAYS.


So I put together a list of 3 ways to help you stay on top of your content.


Let's do this!





Listen, my life completely changed when I started batching my content.


What is batching content?


To batch content, you essentially just make a large bulk of your content ahead of time.


For example, at the start of the month, you can sit down with a notebook and think about all of the content that you want to make for the month. This can include topics, formats (IG posts, stories, lives, YouTube videos, Podcast episodes, marketing emails, etc).


Then you can decide what to batch.


Maybe you have a day to write all of your copy: scripts, captions, emails, etc. Maybe you have a big photoshoot day so you have a collection of pictures to post for the month. 


You can batch a ton of behind-the-scenes videos throughout the workday and use them to cut together different reels and videos for months to come!


When we have clients who struggle with posting consistently, coming up with ideas of what to post, or falling behind on content, we always teach them about content batching.


It's honestly life-changing so try it out!




Look, we're all busy, okay?


We're freaking entrepreneurs running our own businesses and building our empires. For most of us, our jobs aren't content creation.


That's just one of the hats we wear, right? We're PMU artists, MUAs, estheticians, etc - but we have to make content to grow our businesses.


Even though content creation is one of the many hats we wear as entrepreneurs, it can be easy to fall behind. Once you miss one post, it can snowball into a whole week of content.


And we all know how hard getting back on the wagon can be.


So get ahead of your content by scheduling it!


You can use an app like Planoly or Canva to schedule your posts to be uploaded automatically, or you can set reminders on your phone: post at 8 am every morning, send an email out at noon, post on stories at 3 pm - whatever works for you!


Just create a schedule for your content so that posting and creating content becomes a habit. When it becomes second nature it's a lot harder to fall behind on content.





If you've ever used Canva to make content, you've probably seen the free templates that you can use.


These templates are great for just plugging in content and moving along - the problem is that they don't look original.


One of the most important things about creating content for your business is that it's yours. 


Plus, there are templates on Canva for EVERYTHING: yoga, travel, party planning, life coaching, photography, etc.


It can be hard to find something that's for BEAUTY BUSINESSES specifically.


That's why Shay Danielle and I created Beauty Social 365!


Beauty Social 365 is the ULTIMATE Done-For-You social media kit. It includes 365 pre-written Instagram captions and a year's worth of FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Instagram templates that are specifically geared towards beauty businesses, boosting engagement, and growing your audience.


The great thing about Beauty Social 365 is that we not only give you these amazing resources to generate a year's worth of content for your business with just a few clicks, but we also included video modules that will help you master your content - including how to fully customize our templates and make them yours.


Because, as I said, you want your content to look like YOUR CONTENT, not anybody else's.


With this kit, you'll learn how to easily transform our templates into your branding so that all you have to do to make content is fill in the blanks and go!


It's literally as easy as clicking a button.


Save yourself time and get ahead of your content!


Beauty Social 365 will teach you how to do all of these steps: batch your content, schedule it, and customize templates to make your "content creation" job super easy.


Just imagine: you could have a whole year of content done for you right now.


Get it now for the early bird price of just $365 - that's a dollar a day for your content to be done for you.


Don't miss out! Get ahead of your content and never fall behind again.