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Transitioning From Artist to Trainer




If you're a PMU artist, MUA, or nail technician and you want to transition from artist to trainer, there are three things that you have to know before you get started.


The coaching industry is huge, and it's lucrative, too. If you want to make big money in the beauty industry, I always think that getting into coaching and training is a good idea. But it can be really overwhelming not knowing where to start.


So these are the things I wish I had known when I first transitioned from artist to trainer!


1. You're going to have to teach for free


If you want to build your authority as a trainer, you have to teach for free. Everyone always talks about not doing art for free, not doing work for free, getting paid what you're worth, etc.


First, check out my video on my issues with the idea of "getting paid what you're worth."


Second, how will you get paying coaching clients if you don't have any evidence of how your coaching works?


When I say that you're going to have to teach for free, I don't mean that you should do whole courses for free. What I mean is that you should be giving your audience some value for free as a sort of taste test for what your training will be like.


For example, check out my freebie page.


I have a ton of free resources that give value to my audience! I'm not giving away my entire program for free, I still have courses that students pay for, but these free resources give my audience proof of concept. They let potential students know that I'm legit, and the education I give them will actually impact their business!


Don't get hung up on getting paid what you're worth and the idea that working for free is bad. You're never going to be able to give away the total value of your program, course, or training for free. But it will be enough to get potential clients to actually trust you, which is what you need to build when you're first starting to transition from artist to trainer.


2. You might lose followers


Followers are a big deal, and you don't want to lose any; I get that.


But fear of losing followers slows down this transition for a lot of beauty entrepreneurs. Why spend months agonizing over losing followers, whether you should make a separate account for training, whether or not your old clients are going to leave you because you post more about training now when you could be focusing on bringing in more clients and growing your coaching business?


Be prepared to lose followers but know that you will be gaining new clients through your training.


Many potential brow, lash, or nail clients will see that you're getting into coaching, and they'll actually see this as a benefit. Wouldn't you trust someone who's tattooing your face so much more knowing that they're training others to tattoo faces too?


Don't lose sleep over losing followers. Instead, focus on how to bring in new clients and serve them.


3. You have to start before you're ready


You're never going to be 100% ready to do anything.


I wasn't 100% ready to become a PMU artist when I started my business, but I did it anyway.


I wasn't 100% ready to start training, but I did it anyway.


I wasn't 100% ready to start my online coaching business, but I did it anyway.


When we say we're not ready, we don't mean that we don't have the skills, certifications, or prerequisites to start what we want to do.


What we actually mean is that we don't have the confidence.


The best way to build your confidence in anything is to do it.


Think about how you got better at PMU, makeup, hair, or lashes. Yes, you studied and learned the basics. But you don't get confident until you do put it into practice.


The best way to practice is to start!


If you need help creating your offer, check out my free workshop Online Course Starter Kit, where I give you my blueprint for crafting your first course and making it a raging success!


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