Ep. 57: Success Is Painful, The Reality Nobody Talks About When Leveling Up In Your Life And Beauty Business


Are you trying to achieve success but you're struggling? Are the people around you being kind of judgemental about your success? Are they starting to miss "the old you"? Are you feeling alone in your journey?


Don't worry, babe. You're not alone. People don't often talk about the painful side of achieving success, of that journey to your dreams. It's a hard journey, no doubt, and it doesn't ever really end. You're always reaching for something new, you know? If you're an entrepreneur, you're probably never satisfied with staying in one place. So it's a constant painful journey.

Yes, it's worth it. Yes, success is sweet. But that doesn't mean the path there isn't tough. And today we're really going to get into that. Other people might not be comfortable talking about their struggles to success, they might just want to put out the perfect image of where they are now, but you guys know I'm not about that. Definitely not here on Pretty Rich Podcast. We get into it. 

Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [04:35]  Let's talk about how people think success is only the good things they see on Instagram. It's not and we're gonna talk about it.

‣‣  [06:29]  Being successful means growth, and growth means change. Sometimes people will be uncomfortable with how you change. How do you handle that?

‣‣  [08:27]  Not only can change be uncomfortable for other people but it can be super uncomfortable for you too! It's awkward doing things that aren't normal to you.

‣‣  [11:28]  What does it look like to support yourself when you're going through change and trying to succeed?





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Sheila Bella:

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Hey, you guys, it's Sheila Bella, welcome back to Pretty Rich Podcast. And today we are going to talk about having to release what you've always known in order to perceive what you've always wanted. One more time, for the people in the back, you are going to have to risk releasing what you've always known to receive what you've always wanted. And that just comes along with leveling up and that can be painful. If you are in a season right now of leveling up and success and achieving, but you're finding that, you know what? There's some pain that comes along with this, with achieving your goals. You don't want to miss this episode. Today we're going to talk about the pain that comes with the come up. Sometimes I think that Instagram can trigger comparisonitis right. We scroll through, everybody's perfect feeds or seemingly perfect feed. And mine looks pretty good, I have to say.


But here's the thing, the last thing I want is for you guys to think that my success didn't come at a price. And also, I don't want you guys to think that I'm no longer struggling, ever. What is that? You know what I mean? I don't want to just talk about the success I had 10 years ago, although that's a very important story, but I want you guys also to see me as a real person. Like I ugly cried a couple of days ago and like I always say, new level, new devil. I am working harder now at this point in my career than ever before, even compared to the beginning. But the difference is, it's in a different capacity. And I suppose you can say it's because I love what I do even more, I'm here to level the playing field, that I am no different than you. Even the people, not just necessarily me, but the people that you might look up to are no different than you. I believe that with enough time and effort, you can achieve anything.


And I think people like to talk about how good success feels, right? But people don't talk about the other side, how the come up isn't all roses and rainbows. There is a weird kind of crappy feeling that also comes along with the success. And the pain is mostly rooted in change. It's unsettling sometimes, sometimes when you're doing what you set out to do, you're achieving your goals, you're like hashtag crushing it. You know what I mean? There's an uncertainty because you're changing, your circle also changes. Right? And I think one of the most painful things about it or confusing, rather confusing things about it, is that some people in your life won't understand the new you, some people might say they miss the old you. I actually had this happen to my husband a couple of days ago. Babe is that okay if I talk about this? I'll ask him later. Oh, well.


If you've been the type of person that has never really taken a lot of risks, okay, and that's how your friends and your family know you as, and all of a sudden you're riskier, you're driving faster, you're waking up earlier, you're working out, you're lifting heavier, right? You are putting yourself out there and you've never done it before. Some people might misunderstand it. And really you guys, what it comes down to, honestly, if anybody in your life says, you're changing, you're changing. What it really is is that they resent you for growing without them. What they should really say is you're growing, you're growing, you're growing and it's making me uncomfortable. I don't know why. It's more to do with them than it is with you. Especially if you're happy with your changes, have you ever felt like, oh wow, you're on a roll, you're on a good path. And then somebody just is a buzzkill basically, and says, you're changing I miss the old you, whomp whomp buzzkill. You're like listen, that was the point.


The point was to change. The point was for me not to be the lazy ungrateful person that I used to be. So just know that that's normal. You will get that, we've all gotten that. Stepping into a new level also feels super awkward, okay, it does. Every time I've done something scary or something new and scary rather, I've never done it before, so of course I'm going to look and feel awkward. When I launched this podcast, when I started business coaching, when I first started micro blading like, oh my gosh, I could feel myself looking like a beginner. It almost feels like you're starting over, it feels like you're a newborn, right? Learning how to use your legs and walk again and again and again with every come up. So just know that that's also a root of the pain. The getting used to, the having to start over, success is sweet, it is sweet because you work so hard. But I want to address that sometimes it's okay to be confused and to be honest, it's probably a good sign to be confused.


It means you're out of your comfort zone. So you have to, in your journey to success, you have to do everything you can to support yourself. And if you've never learned what supporting yourself looks like, then we need to figure that out. Are you a permanent makeup artist who's struggling to get the healed results that you crave and you desire? When a client walks out of your salon, you're like, oh my goodness I did so amazing, she's going to love them, they're going to look so good. But when she comes back after a few weeks, you're like, where did the product go? Where did my work go? Most of it is gone on or half of it has gone. Let me tell you that ever since switching to Tina Davies products, my retention is like 90% for micro blading, which is super high for micro blading. Hello? And my healed work you guys, comes back brown, not blue, not green, not purple, not red, yellow, orange, brown. My customers are happy, I'm happy, all my artists are happy. It's such a win, win.


And I can't thank Tina Davies enough for inventing such easy to use products that are simple and quite frankly made for the artist by an amazing artist. So Pretty Rich listeners get 15% off, if you just type in the code, Sheila Bella, just go to tinadavies.com type in Sheila Bella, and receive 15% off your order. So let's figure out what supporting yourself looks like because it's inevitable that things are going to get uncomfortable and difficult. So you need to develop a set of skills to learn how to carry yourself through this time. Supporting yourself could mean, going out for a walk just by yourself, getting a massage, going to a spa, it could mean something as simple as listening to your favorite song. It could mean prayer, it could mean meditation. It could mean having to say no to things that you don't want to do. It could mean hiring a coach or a mentor to walk you through and get you to where you want to be faster.


It could mean joining a gym. It could mean a program. It could mean just committing to carving out an hour or two a week to meet with your closest girlfriends. It could mean investing in an event or something that you know will help you figure it out. The thing with the pain of success is I really think it's difficult to sustain without a like minded tribe that understands all this. Hopefully, for you guys going through this right now, this podcast is helping. So you're not feeling so alone, like, oh wow, I am experiencing those things, people's say I am changing and it is uncomfortable and it does suck, it does suck. So finding your tribe, your people is crucial and if you can't, I'm glad you're listening to this podcast and others like it. So before you go crazy and think, oh my God, I thought this entrepreneurship leveling up thing would be so much easier, it'd feel so much better once I got here, I'm telling you that true growth is exciting. It's emotional and sometimes that emotion is pain. It's discomfort, or it feels like you're letting other people down. So crazy, right?


Because some people really see your success as a disappointment, it's nuts, but just take comfort that nobody who's ever dared to be in the arena themselves will ever judge you. This is a theater, Roosevelt/Bernay Brown concept. If they've never done it themselves, then they're not going to get it, of course not. So if you are truly committed to the glow up, the come up, if you're truly committed to change, changing your life and your personal growth, you need to understand that you're going to need to let go of good to make room for great. So be willing to let go of your familiar legs, your comfortable familiar legs here on earth, to receive new wings to fly. That's it for today, everyone. Again, my name is Sheila Bella. Thanks so much for hanging out with me. And please, if this little podcast, this mini episode helped you at all, please share it with a friend. And I would really appreciate it if you could leave us a review on iTunes, I can't wait to see you guys at the Pretty Ambitious Summit. Oh my goodness. Until next time. Grey say share with your friends.


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