No matter how hard you try - you can't pour from an empty cup. 


That's something that I say a lot. I tell it to my students, I tell it to my team, and it's something that I have to remind myself of too!

No matter how hard any of us try or no matter how much we wish we were, we're not never-ending sources of energy. We can't be everything for everyone all the time nor can we do everything for everyone all the time! That's something that I think is a big issue for a lot of entrepreneurs but especially for female entrepreneurs. Because we put so much pressure on ourselves to be Wonder Woman. 

But here's the thing - Wonder Woman isn't real. We are! And the reality is that in order to achieve all of the incredible things that we want to achieve - we have to take care of ourselves first!

I know that this can be a hard lesson to learn, but it's probably one of the most important things you'll learn as an entrepreneur. Not even as an...

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Ep. 86: Mental Health, Breaking the Stigma through Kittens & Unicorns


Have you ever felt the overwhelming feeling of anxiety or even depression as an entrepreneur with the weight of your world on your shoulders? 


On this episode of the Pretty Rich Podcast, I have a pretty cool guest.

Anita Perry, CEO of Sugar & Sloth, joins me on the podcast, and we go in on mental health and using your artistry.

Now, Anita isn’t a permanent makeup artist, but she’s an illustrator (a darn good one if you ask me!).

We get into a discussion on how to use your artistry to help you heal from trauma and to help you cope with mental illness.

Anita’s amazing. She’s from the United Kingdom, and she’s just so lovable. You’ll love her too, especially after listening to this episode.

This episode is like an interview where I ask Anita a whole lot of questions about her and her life and her business, and it gets really honest about mental health. Not just about mental health, but even her experience with mental...

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