Ep. 78: How to Build Your PMU Dream One Step at a Time


"It's not always going to be like, you walk in...like "I'm the best." For the first one to two years, it was just a lot of pushing myself...and just believing in myself and finding that confidence...You don't take this lightly. It's people's faces."


In today's episode, we have dream team Lili Ma and Amanda Hua. Lili is an international icon. She teaches her coveted nano brow technique all over the world. Yeah. You heard me right. All over the world. She is booked and busy.

We also have Amanda Hua, her amazing partner in crime. In this episode, we talk about how you can build your PMU dream one step at a time. We talk about the struggles Lili faced as she started her career, the importance of having a solid team that you can trust, and more.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [17:27]  Running your own business, you'll come across some hurdles. Lili talks to us about some of the hardest things she had to overcome as a child that set her on her...

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Ep. 72: How To Rise Above The BS In The CUT THROAT World of PMU With Tina Davies


Do YOU have what it takes to make it in PMU? I mean...we should probably find out right?


Tina Davies is a close friend of mine as well as my teacher and mentor. She is the OG PMU Boss Babe who you may remember from Episode 32 of the Pretty Rich Podcast. Well, my first interview with Tina went so well that I just couldn't help but invite her on the show to talk again. Yes - I love her that much! And you should too!

Tina's been working in PMU for 20 years. Yeah. 20 years. So she knows her stuff! In this episode, we talk all about her career and Tina dishes out some great advice for those of you who might just be getting started in PMU or you're feeling lost in this cut-throat world and want to know how to just rise above all of the BS and build a successful beauty business.

Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [12:39]  Tina and I start off by describing the start of her career in PMU 20 years ago

‣‣  [17:37]  We talk about her...

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