Ep. 75: Permission to Offend with Rachel Luna! Beauty Business Sales Tips To Level Up Your Microblading, Lash, or Hair Biz!


If you struggle with a fear of criticism, if you know you care a little too much about what other people think and you know it's holding you back, if you're sick and tired of walking on eggshells, get ready, because Rachel Luna's about to change your life.


Rachel Luna is a motivational speaker, best selling author, podcaster, former US Marine, cancer thriver, and an overall business powerhouse.

 In this episode, Rachel and I sit down together and we talk about A LOT of things. We're bringing you a lot of value in this episode, girl. Trust me, you will want to get out a notebook and pen for this. Rachel is so full of life and energy and great advice.

We're not just talking about motivation here. We're bringing you real actionable steps. We talk about surviving cancer, being a mom, alcoholism, and business. Rachel shares not only her real valuable advice that will help you elevate your beauty business and really take it to the next level, but she...

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