Beauty business coach Sheila Bella's on whether or not business coaching is worth it.

Is Business Coaching Actually Worth It?




There's truly no shortage of business coaches out there. Business coaching is an $11.2 billion industry expected to grow 2.4% in 2022.


So the industry is booming, but do you really need a business coach? Is business coaching worth it? And how do you even go about finding a business coach that's right for you?


Today I'm answering your burning questions about business coaching so you can decide if it's the right choice for you and your business!


Let's get started.


Why would you get a business coach?


So you’ve heard a lot about business coaches, but is it something you need? Why would you get a business coach? What can they help you with, specifically?


A lot of people think you get a business coach when your business is struggling when you feel like you've hit rock bottom and can't see a way out. That's definitely a good time to get a business coach, but you can hire one way earlier in your entrepreneurial journey.


Some people hire business coaches when they first start their businesses! Why wait until you're at rock bottom to hire someone to help you?


Here are a couple of reasons you might want to get a business coach.


You need help with:

- Getting more clients
- Improving your social media presence
- Building your marketing lists
- Closing sales
- Hiring a team
- Scaling your business
- Overcoming your overhead
- Client outreach
- Taxes
- and more!


Whatever you're struggling with in your business, there is a business coach that can help you with that. If you're a beauty business owner, a beauty business coach who has built their own beauty business before can help guide you along the path to avoid the mistakes they may have made in their own journey!


How long does it take to see results?


How long it takes to see results from coaching depends on a few different things.


A) Your coach
B) Your level of effort
C) How much time you can commit
D) The issues you need help with


I will always say that the more time you can spend with a coach, the better.


In my own coaching program, I've found that the first month tends to be more difficult because students want to push back on the new information they're learning. By the second month, the new lessons start to click and make more sense. And by the third month, they start to implement these new systems that help them drastically transform their business.


For that reason, I don't like to offer anything under three months so that we can ensure that you're getting the most out of your investment. Other coaches may be different, and again it depends on your needs and your own readiness to accept change in your business.


What makes a good business coach?


Check out this episode of the Pretty Rich Podcast, where I talk about the characteristics that I think make a good mentor in the beauty industry.


Overall, what I think makes a good business coach is someone who will listen to your business goals and doesn't just give you a cookie-cutter program to follow.


A good business coach has been in the business before and doesn't just apply dated business school techniques to your unique business.


A good business coach will push you and challenge you to be the best you can be.


A good business coach is the one you vibe with! Not every business coach is going to be a good fit. The best business coach is the one that suits you, your business, and your goals.


How do you find a good business coach?


Like I said earlier, there are a lot of business coaches out there. How do you find a good one?


First, you should look for a coach in your industry. If you're in the beauty industry, look for a beauty business coach. If you're a lash artist, look for a coach with experience in the lash industry, etc.


Ask around and see if the artists in your community have coaches, what coach they have, and who they trust. Free Facebook groups, like Beauty Biz Secrets, are a great way to find resources like this!


Do your research with all investments, but especially with business coaching. A good coaching program will have testimonials. Look at these past students and see how their businesses align with yours. Look through their free resources, sign up for consultation calls, etc.


There’s no harm done if you find a program’s not a good fit.


A good coach will help you grow towards your goals; they won't solve all of your problems for you. There are no quick fixes in business and if anyone's promising you a quick fix, know that they're just selling snake oil.


Trust your gut, but don't let your fear hold you back from investing in your business.


If you're looking for additional professional help with your beauty business, our coaching program, Pretty Rich Bosses, helps entrepreneurs just like you make their dreams a reality every single day.


Whether you're new in the industry, looking to build a solid foundation, or have been in the beauty biz for years and are ready to hit high dollar targets or expand your influence, our team of beauty industry professionals can help you get there.


This program is about more than just goal setting and positive thoughts. We teach you how to implement actional steps that will help take you to your goals and beyond.


Every coach on our team is a beauty entrepreneur who makes a living off their beauty business every day! We have the experience; we've done all the trial and error; all you have to do is let us help you!


Sign up for a free consultation call with one of my advisors and find out how we can help you in your business today!


You don't have to do any of this alone.

Beauty Business coach Sheila Bella
Sheila Bella is a marketing expert and beauty business coach, as well as the President of The American Academy of Micropigmentation and founder of the Pretty Ambitious Summit.


She is considered a leader in the world of permanent cosmetics and beauty having built a 7 figure beauty business in 3 years.


In 2019, she pivoted to the online coaching industry and grew her online program, Pretty Rich Bosses, to 7 figures.


She works with beauty entrepreneurs every day, helping them create the businesses and lives of their dreams!


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