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For making the commitment to grow your beauty business to the next level! 

I created Pretty Rich Bosses to provide beauty business owners with a program that helps them not only grow and scale, but to create more freedom in the process! 

Why am I that person for you? Because I've been through it all! Now my passion is to guide other beauty professionals to make 6 figures a month in their salons or online.


Pretty Rich Bosses is a Mentorship Program that equips beauty entrepreneurs with all the tools they need in order to scale their businesses.

 We are all about helping you dominate your niche and beauty business. We do this by inserting you into our success ecosystem and blueprint of success where you have access to our private vault, members area, exclusive support community, and our extensive team of experienced coaches and beauty biz experts.




Schedule a FREE Strategy Call... You will need 60 minutes for the call. My team will contact with more details. Please don't pick a time where you can't give 100% of your attention.

During this session our Pretty Rich Bosses Advisors will find out a little more about you, discuss with you how our program works, and determine if we'd be a good fit to work together.

If we feel we can help your beauty business, you'll be moving on to our next step which is enrolling in Pretty Rich Bosses. This is not a course, you're literally joining a team and an ongoing process of development!

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I want to know your specific goals and how I can help you get there! It's Game Plan Time Girl! I teach beauty bosses how to create 6-7 figure businesses.