Top Tips For Showing Up Online


Building a game-changing social media strategy!


If you find yourself constantly complaining about the algorithm, if you're tired of feeling stuck and stagnant while your competitors seem to be thriving, I've got you, girl. I'm here for you, okay?


It's not the algorithm. You have complete control over your success. So I'm just going to hand you my social media strategy and we're going to build you a solid strategy of your own that will completely change the game for you, okay?


Let's do this.



1. Set Goals That Make Sense


It's important to be realistic. Aim big, right? But still, be realistic. Make goals that make sense for your business. Our goals are probably going to be different and that's good! Because we have different businesses.


So what is your goal? Is it brand awareness?


Is it followers and audience?


Is it traffic to your site or is it sales?


For me, the entire point of social media is to generate leads and sales. To me, that's my first priority because sales are the most important thing in business. It's what differentiates a successful business from an unsuccessful business.


My number one goal for creating social media content is generating leads and sales.


When you identify your goal, you can tailor your content to that goal.


 2. Who Is Your Target Audience?


Who are you trying to target? What, not just the demographic, but the psychographic? Is there a specific industry or way of thinking that you want to target?


Who do you want to have an influence on?


Now, with that said, think about who you want to target. And remember that different types of audiences are on different types of platforms.


Facebook and YouTube, they're great for ads, right? If you want to target millennials or Gen Z, that's Instagram and TikTok. If you want to target women, go to Pinterest. Pinterest is estrogen city. Men are not typically on Pinterest. If you want to target well-educated corporate people, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the way to go.


I think the most important part about taking time to research your target audience is figuring out, where are they hanging out? Where are they hanging out? What platforms are they using? Because you don't want to spread yourself too thin. If you're a solopreneur and you don't have a big team yet, I would choose two different platforms that you're going to be consistent with.



3. Establish Your Most Important Metrics


What are you going to prioritize?


Is it reach?


Is it clicks?


Is it followers?


Is it engagement?


You have to determine what numbers you are trying to hit. And obviously, those numbers need to be in alignment with your goals.


For me, what I love, what I really want on social media and what tells me that this post was successful, are DMs.


If something was so impactful to you guys that you DM me about it and say, "Sheila, WTF, are you in my head? Get out of my head," that makes me feel so connected to you. That's the point.


And then the second thing, the second metric that I look for are shares. You thought this piece of content was powerful enough that you want all of your followers to see it. That's the goal because it's easy to like and double tap something. It's easy to put emojis on something because you want to make people feel good and you want people to know that you're supporting them. And I love that as well.


I love comments. I love reading all the comments. I reply to as many comments as I can to show you guys that I really appreciate it. But ultimately, most important metrics to me are DMs and shares.


So don't let yourself get overwhelmed by all of the different metrics you can track on Instagram. Which ones are going to help you measure the goals that you set for your business? Follow those.


Okay, so now you have your goals. You know your audience, you have the metrics that you want to prioritize. Now it's time to create engaging social content, right?


At this point you should have a pretty good idea of what you should be publishing based on the goals that you've set for yourself, right? And you probably already know now what platforms you want to focus on. Now, let's talk about your content strategy.


I want to help you build the best content strategy for your business - and I know that's going to look different from mine! So I put together a FREE GUIDE for you that will help you align your goals, plan your content, and keep on top of it!


Because you and I both know, consistency is KEY. So not only do you get a full content planning guide, I'll also send you a CANVA template for the calendar me and my team use every day to stay on top of our content schedule!