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Ep. 101: Racism In The Beauty Industry And Beyond With Ebony Kimbrough


It is July 2020. We have a global pandemic. We have civil unrest. We have corruption in the government coming out. People are afraid to communicate. People are too afraid of saying the wrong thing.


There are a lot of things that have happened in the last month. You've probably learned about a lot of things you were never aware of before. You probably (hopefully) feel the need to speak up and do better than you have in the past but you're scared to start. You don't know where to start.

It's hard having these kinds of conversations but it's important for us to do so anyway. For too long the voices of Black people have been silenced and shoved in a corner. For too long Black people haven't been listened to and cared for by non-Black society. It's time to change that.

To start off the conversation I invited my friend Ebony Kimbrough, PMU artist and microblading educator, to come on the show and talk to us about her experience as a Black business owner. Please...

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Ep. 100: All the Things I've Learned from Creating 100 Episodes of Beauty Biz Inspiration, Education, and Personal Reflection


This is the 100th episode of the Pretty Rich Podcast.



It's not my birthday, but that is a statement of fact. It is the 100th episode of the Pretty Rich Podcast!


I cannot believe it. I can't believe it! We are finally in the triple digits!


It took me a little longer to get this episode out there, because it was like, “This is the 100th episode! It needs to be really, really good.” I was putting that pressure on myself.

But that led me to the biggest lesson I’ve learned after 100 episodes of the Pretty Rich Podcast. And what’s that?


If you’re worried about the competition, or if you’re trying to find your voice—I’ve been there! This episode is for you!

In my 100th episode, I talk about being inspired by your role models while learning to not compete with them. I also talk about how that feeling of not knowing what your voice sounds like because you’re comparing it to...

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Ep. 99: Combating Self Doubt with Rosie McCorvey of Brows and Beauty Company


"Am I good enough?"

"Do I belong?"


Have you found yourself asking these questions at some point in your life? Maybe even for the majority of it? ME. TOO.

Why? Reasons like "Because I never went to college," "Because I was a chubby kid," "Because I was never really athletic," whatever it might be, I think everybody asks these questions of themselves.

In this episode, Rosie McCorvey and I tackle self-doubt. If you feel like you still have something to prove, if you feel like you still don't truly belong, you can't miss this one! This episode is FOR YOU

We talk about imposter syndrome, how it feeds your self-doubt, and what to do with it.

Rosie heads up the discussion about the difference between discipline and motivation and how one will be the driving force of you building your empire.

We also talk about how even in the middle of a pandemic you are NOT limited! I talk about utilizing online...

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Ep. 98: Highest Paying Side Hustles for Beauty Entrepreneurs During Coronavirus


You can make money during a crisis.

You can make more than your regular job did during a crisis too.


You are in for a treat with today's episode! It's a double whammy. I released a podcast episode and a YouTube video for you guys. Why? Because I want you to WIN.

This pandemic has been so hard for everybody. We all have to hustle a lot more, we have to handle a lot more... it's just a lot.

If you want to watch the YouTube video, here it is!



I also have a blog post on this YouTube video. You can check that out right here.


If you want details though, I have that laid out in today's Pretty Rich Podcast episode.


The 3 Highest Paying Side Hustles are

1. Beauty Maintenance Kits

2. Beauty Consultations

3. Online Courses


I mean... what?! They're all so doable.

In this episode, I give you all the details of how to thrive during this crisis economy by laying out ideas and plans for you to...

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Ep. 97: Crisis Economy Thrival Blueprint

So, you weren't prepared to face a pandemic.

You were forced to close your salon or your studio.

Now, you’re worried sick if you’ll have a business to go back to when coronavirus decides to leave.


This podcast is for you!


In this episode, I lay out my crisis economy survival guide. A “thrival blueprint,” as I like to call it. I want you to thrive in this crisis. We are in a crisis economy! That’s a fact!

If you’re looking for certainty, you can find it, but you have to look for it. After listening to this episode, you will be in that position. You’ll have confidence despite the fear that you’ve been feeling.

You can take action! You can take action from a clear and level-headed place, and I want you to know that.

You’re thinking things like, “There’s no way I’ll be able to pay my rent,” or “There’s no way I’ll be able to pay my employees,” or “I’m not...

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Ep. 96: 6 Things We Wish We Knew Before Creating an Online Course with Permanent Makeup Course Creator, Shay Danielle


If you're sitting at home and toying with the idea of creating an online course,
Maybe you're in the middle of one,
Maybe you already launched it,
You cannot miss this episode. Shay Danielle and I break it down, no filter.


eLearning is said to be a $4 billion industry by year 2026. Why can't you be a part of that? You should be a part of that.

Shay Danielle and I went live on Instagram, and we talked about things we WISH someone told us before creating our online courses!

The 6 things we wish we knew before creating an online course are laid out like this:

  1. You don’t have to be the best.
  2. Go back to basics in the courses.
  3. Keep singing, even if you feel like it’s to an empty theatre (hold on.. I thought we were talking about online courses? We are! Listen to the podcast to find out what we mean about singing to an empty theatre).
  4. DIY – Do It Yourself (mainly because nobody is going to do it for you)!
  5. Pricing your courses!
  6. Push over Perfection. Not...
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Ep. 95: Is It Okay to Quit? Mindset Shift for a Crisis Economy with PMU Superstar Rose Prieto


Is it okay to quit?


You know what they say, “Quitters never win, winners never quit.”

What about right now, during the coronavirus pandemic, when we’ve all been forced to close our salons, shops, studios, etc.?

Do you feel like throwing in the towel? There’s a lot of people who won’t blame you for it. It’s the perfect “out…” or is it?

I was so excited to have Rose Prieto, fiery and warm hearted beauty boss babe with a long list to supply her resumé, on this episode to have a conversation with me about how to stay tough when the going gets tough.

In this episode, I talk about entrepreneurship in this coronavirus economy. Is it even there? How do I find it? Those questions and more are answered in this episode.

Opportunity and purpose are still there! I remind you of that in this episode and I even talk about how to remember your purpose and finding opportunity when you’re scared.

We get to know...

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Ep. 94: Coronavirus Crisis Management with Adam Chatterley


A Coronavirus Crisis Management Plan - don't you wish you had one?

In this episode, Adam Chatterley of the Beauty Business Podcast shares with us his Crisis Management Plan. Wow. Prayers answered.


I have been listening to the Beauty Business Podcast for years and have wanted him on this show for several months now, and I'm so glad we could make it happen for you.

We chat about creating a crisis management plan for your business that I'm sure will be applicable, not just during this strange unprecedented time, but any time of uncertainty, which our businesses are definitely going to face at some point. With any endeavor, success is not guaranteed, but challenges are. And I'm so excited to have Adam on the show.

We talk about finding the balance with your productivity during lockdown, Adam's influences, books, and most importantly, how you can serve your clients and still create revenue safely during a crisis like Coronavirus.


Here are the episode...

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Ep. 93: How To Recession-Proof Your Business with Stacy Tuschl


In case you need a reminder, power is never given to you, you just have to take it.

Stacy Tuschl shares with us her experience owning a small business during Coronavirus and how she is recession-proofing her business.


I wish I could say that I predicted this pandemic and was saving sitting down and talking with Stacy Tuschl for the podcast, but I didn't. It did, however, give me the guts to reach out to Stacy, finally, and say, "Girl, I need you! My tribe needs your expertise." You don't want to miss this one.

Stacy is a best selling author and speaker, the owner of a multiple 7 figure business, and the creator of the Foot Traffic Formula. In this podcast, we share our fears, our lessons learned during coronavirus, and tips for beauty bosses to recession-proof your small business.


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [02:46]  Let's just be real and talk about our feelings for a second. You're not alone in feeling anxious about the state of...

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Ep. 92: Fears, Truths, and Ideas with Amanda Rose of @HYVEBeauty


Our time in lockdown has taught us many things. 

Leaders and business owners have really started to come together in a dark and uncertain time and we're witnessing great connections knitting together our community.


In this podcast, I replay a live I did with Amanda Rose of HYVE Beauty. She did this amazing thing where she brought together leaders and influencers of the permanent makeup industry and had them on her Instagram story to share their vulnerable moments with each other.

The idea was that each guest would share one fear, one truth, and one idea. It was a great experience and I'm so happy I get to share it with you today.


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [14:07]  I start off with sharing my one fear with you. We talk about my mom and hustle culture.

‣‣  [16:15]  Do you feel like lockdown and Coronavirus have made you more aware of yourself and your habits?

‣‣  [17:45]  Here I talk about one of...

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