Not all business advice is created equal.


We all need advice - nobody can do what we do alone! But where you get your advice is the key to whether or not it's going to actually help you achieve your goals.

Everyone likes to go to their friends for advice because you want to believe that you can trust them. But I'm telling you honestly that the advice from your friends and the advice from industry specific business coaches is completely different.

In this episode, I'm going to break down the main the three key ways that advice from friends and advice from business coaches are different.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [06:55]  The first difference between getting advice from a friend vs a business coach is the experience level.

‣‣  [09:22]  The second is the level of clarity when it comes to setting goals.

‣‣  [10:16]  The third difference in getting advice from a friend vs coaching is the accountability.

‣‣  [11:32]  How to know if you're READY for coaching (spoiler alert: if you're here - you are!)





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Sheila Bella:

You are going to have to fight really hard for your dreams, like you're going to have to work and work and work some more. Yeah, business is basically never-ending expenses, so if you're not okay with working and spending money, get out. Don't even. Don't even. Goodbye. Stop listening. Keep it locked right here on Pretty Rich Podcast.


Welcome to Pretty Rich Podcast, where you're totally the heroine of your own story. I'm your host, Sheila Bella, and I've built a seven-figure PMU beauty biz and a seven-figure online biz without a degree, without a fancy website, or a sugar daddy. If you and I hang out on here long enough, you're going to start to believe that you can do it too. How about that for a side effect of listening to this podcast? Because you really can.


I know you think I don't know you, I have no idea who you are, but I do. I really, really do, because I am you, I was you, and I believe we are all on the same journey together. My perfect job didn't exist, so I created it. The job I wanted wasn't hiring me, wanted nothing to do with me, so I skipped the line and hired myself as CEO, just like you can. Consider me your secret beauty biz BFF, in case you need to be reminded on a weekly basis that power is never just handed to you, you have to take it. Are you ready, beauty boss? Let's jump in.


Today, we're going to talk all about advice. I'm going to give you advice that you need, okay, not necessarily want to hear, but advice that you need if this is truly something that you want, if you want to be massively financially successful in the beauty industry. We're also going to chat about where to get that advice, because we ask for advice all the time. I see you guys commenting on these Facebook feeds, these boards, asking your friends, asking me, DM-ing me. Yeah, we need advice, we do. Now, whether or not you execute that advice, that's a different story, but the right advice could set you up.


Oh gosh, like me for example. When I hired the right coaches, the right mentors, I finally got the advice that I needed to get. I really did. It was an immediate success. That's what it felt like. It felt like an immediate success even though I had been working at this already for several years, but then once I found the right mentors and executed the way I did, it felt so fast. It felt so fast. Now why is that? If I had been working on my online business for several years, but then it was just okay. It was okay. It was making maybe like $20,000 a month, something like that. And that was a lot of money because I had already... I had the business acumen. I had that marketing knowledge. I had already built a successful brick and mortar permanent makeup studio, but then the online stuff, I was not... I was not taking off on. I wasn't. It was okay. But I really wanted to scale. I had like hashtag goals, right? You guys probably listening to this have hashtag goals too.


What I did for several years, completely transparent because this is my tribe, was I just asked my friends. I asked my friends, I listened to podcasts, I asked Google. So here's the difference, if you've considered hiring a coach, paying a beauty business coach, an online marketing coach of any kind, you might be wondering this very question. What's the difference between talking to your friends and listening to podcasts versus hiring a professional whose waking moment that they spend with you and most of the time away from you as well is geared towards bettering other people's lives in this way and getting results.


I wish I could tell you that being a great artist or technician is enough. I wish I could tell you that the thousands of dollars you've spent on trainings and cosmetology school and the hundreds of hours you've spent practicing on your craft is enough. You have put so much effort into perfecting your craft. You're posting incredible client transformations, but still your flow of clients is inconsistent. You are overjoyed when you book a new client, but in the back of your mind, there's that nagging fear of not knowing where your next client is going to come from. Or perhaps you're inundated with clients but now you feel like a slave to your business, when the whole point of getting into the beauty industry was to be able to be your own boss.


So what's the solution? You need to learn sales, branding, marketing, social media, referral programs, team building, mental toughness. You need to be inspired. You need to be within a group of people and learn from people who understand you, who get you, who have been there. So guess what? The Pretty Ambitious Summit is basically thousands of dollars worth of business coaching crammed into three days. It is a hybrid virtual event. It is the ultimate girl power event for beauty entrepreneurs.


Tickets are on sale right now. Our speaker list includes Gary Vaynerchuk, Angie Lee, Sarah Pendrick, Shay Danielle, and so much more. I'm so excited and honored to be able to bring this to the beauty industry and it's virtual. But believe me, there will be opportunities for in-person events for those who are comfortable. All you need to do is go to prettyambitioussummit.com or sheilabella.com/events to learn more and to get your tickets while they last. And I'll see you there.


So three ways that coaching is different than talking to your friends in the industry.


Number one is experience. An experienced business coach is somebody who's seen it all, the good, the bad, the ugly. They've made the mistakes, they've done the very thing that you are trying to do yourself. They've accomplished the very thing you're trying to accomplish yourself. The thing you're trying, the code you're trying to crack, they've cracked it. A good business coach would have cracked that code. Now, I think there are some exceptions out there, and this is why when it comes to people saying their business coaches are just transitioning into business coaching, a couple of things. You want to make sure that the person has actually won in the thing that they're teaching you, because there's a lot of coaches out there whose main business is business coaching, but maybe they've never built a successful lash studio. They've never created a product. They've never created an online course and created passive income.


It's like asking somebody for parenting advice who's not a parent. And yes, there's a difference. There's a difference when it's actually you. So you cannot discount the wisdom that comes from achievement. You will get there faster with the help of someone who has learned how to be booked out, how to build their clientele, how to hire a team, how to expand their brand and create online income. You will learn from somebody... you might get some tips from someone, but it's just not going to be the best use of your dollars. It's not. And these days you have a choice. You have a choice. You have the world wide web to choose from. So talking to a coach versus talking to your friends is experience.


Now let's say you have a friend who has had that kind of experience. Most of us don't. I think most of us have friends that can give insight because we're in the same industry, but maybe our friend hasn't created all of the tools and resources and doesn't have the devoted time to help you achieve your goals and communicate the steps clearly to you.


Which brings me to my next point, crystal clear goal setting, so that's the second difference. Goal setting is so important. You can't hit a target you can't see. Setting goals is often overlooked, but it's crucial to your success. You can't just be like, "I just want this thing to take off." You have to set goals. And before you can even decide how to craft your to-do list, you need to know where you're trying to go so that you know what to put on there. And in order to know what to put on there, you need to know exactly what you're building, the timelines for the entire goal so that you can break down the timelines for each milestone.


And the third thing is that a good business coach gives you more accountability. You've ever gone on a diet with your friend or maybe told your friend, "Hey, meet me at the gym." When you tell your friend to meet you at the gym, she's not a professional and sometimes she'd rather sleep in. A good business coach, a professional, is trained to keep you accountable for following through everything on your list in order to achieve the goals that you've set for yourself. The thing is it's easy to make a plan without anyone watching, but even in my own life, nothing has helped me keep my own word to myself more than the accountability of a professional, of that coach. And also the investment, knowing that I paid for this thing, that really helps.


I share this with you because whether it's me, whether or not you choose myself as a coach or somebody else, you should know what to expect, you should be clear on the dynamic and what will it be like, and you'll know what to look for.


When it comes to hiring a coach, I think once you're at a point where you're ready to hire a coach and get help, I think there's no better indicator that you've really decided that you're going to do this now. Number one, you've humbled yourself. Number two, you're willing to make the investment. And there is no turning back. Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood that you said it in has left you. Let me say that again, commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood that you said it in has left you.


The reality is you have to be committed to your dreams, meaning you'll have to keep fighting for your dreams, even when you don't feel like it. If you really want to be a super achiever, that only happens after many, many hours and days of choosing your plan A, not your plan B. It's not the advice that you want to hear, but that's where the magic happens.


I hope this inspires you to make a move and take your dreams seriously. Get the right advice. It doesn't even need to be for me or my program, just get the right advice. If anything, just for your own life, for the sake of your life, because time is something that you can't get back.


Right now, I'm talking to the moms out there because that's what I'm thinking about. Because you have your whole life to make a lot of money, but what you don't have, and this is related, what you don't have is more time with your kids, right? And if your job is taking up the time that you're supposed to be spending with your kids, there's got to be a better way. You have your whole life to make money, but you don't have your whole life to be a parent. And what breaks my heart is that I see so many women working so hard, busting their butt for like 16-hour days. What is they... like sleep at 11:00, wake up at 5:00. You guys are zombies. And I understand because I used to be that too. I didn't know I had a choice.


I didn't know that there was a way to work smarter, not harder. The most money I've ever made in my life was when I was working the least I had ever worked. And this is a formula that needs to be unique to each individual business that a podcast can't necessarily give you. What we would have to do is we would have to look at your individual situation and see how we can scale that and free you from the jail essentially, the jail of money. Because you think you're making money, you think that this is the only way, but it's not. It's not. And we got to talk because time is ticking.


If I've said something today that sparks your interest, and you want to know more, reach out to me on Instagram @realsheilabella, or if you want go ahead and schedule a strategy call with either myself or any one of my advisors. Just go to sheilabella.com/apply. This is my gift. This is my calling. This is my purpose. I know that I can help women realize their highest potentials, and it's not just financial potential, it's lifestyle potential. I know what you want, you want freedom. I want it to, or wanted it to, and now I have it. And I want to share with you how you can replicate this. Yes, through brows, hair, lashes, makeup, facials. It sounds bizarre, but it's so beautiful. It's so beautiful. I love our industry. All right, until next time.


Hey, thanks so much for listening to today's episode of Pretty Rich Podcast. If you want to continue the conversation longer, check me out on Instagram. It's my favorite place to connect with you guys @realsheilabella. I'm happy to answer any of your questions or simply to chat and get to know you better. And if you end up doing something super awesome, like screenshotting this episode and reposting it on your stories, that would put the biggest smile on my face. Don't forget to tag me. I appreciate every share and love feedback from my listeners.


Also, do you have my number? Do you have my number? Because if we're going to keep hanging out, you should probably have my number. So you can actually text me. That's right, you can text me at (310) 388-4588. And if you're sick and tired of doing business alone, and you're interested in accelerating your success by hiring a business coach or joining our mentorship program called Pretty Rich Bosses, go ahead and just apply. Why not? Check it out. Go to sheilabella.com/apply. And we'll schedule a free strategy session with either myself or one of my advisors. And of course I got include my kids. So here to send us off are Beau and Grey.


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