Ep. 107: Characteristics Of A Great Mentor In The PMU Or Beauty Business In General


You don't NEED a mentor to succeed but a mentor will HELP you succeed FASTER and save you from making MISTAKES you could easily avoid.


I think that if all of the people who quit their businesses because they feel like they'll never be successful had a mentor, they would have reached success way earlier on. They never would have had to quit. Mentors don't make the work easy but they make it more achievable.

They take a lot of the guesswork out of starting a business for you. They help guide you, they let you learn from their mistakes. If you don't have a mentor or coach now, then you should get one ASAP.

I love mentoring because I love empowering women to be their best selves, to show them that they CAN achieve the success that they dream of, and they CAN do it themselves. I'm not doing it for them! I'm just helping them along. It's immensely rewarding for me.

If you're considering mentorship or are curious about what you should look for in a great mentor, I've got you...

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