Beauty business coach Sheila Bella's top 3 tips for Instagram captions that sell; increase engagement and boost sales.

Top Three Tips For Writing Instagram Captions That Sell




Are your Instagram captions not getting the engagement that you want?


Do you find yourself spending hours trying to write the perfect Instagram caption, only to get a few likes and sympathy comments from friends and family?


Low engagement can be one of the most disheartening parts of posting social media. You know you're putting the time and effort in, but you're just not getting the results! You want to sell on Instagram but your captions aren't helping.


Instagram is a major key to running an online business. It's 100% possible to post online and profit from your content, BUT you have to create it the right way.


That's why I want to share with you my proven formula for writing Instagram captions that sell by increasing engagement and boosting sales.


Let's get into it!

Beauty business coach Sheila Bella's top 3 tips for Instagram captions that sell; increase engagement and boost sales.

1. Start Captions With A Hook


The first line of your caption will make or break how effectively your caption can sell.


You know how Instagram works! All we do every day is scroll through an endless feed of post after post, caption after caption. And Instagram only shows you the first 140 characters of each caption, so that first line has to be short, sweet, and really hook your audience's attention.


Writing a good hook seems intimidating. But once you get the hang of it, it becomes effortless.


Here are a couple of ways that you could write a good hook for your caption to increase your engagement:


Ask a question—jolt your audience with a question that makes them think. Something that piques their interest and makes them want to read the rest of the caption:


How did I do this? How did she get these results? Do you want results like these? Are you ready to make six figures? Want to make six figures? Want hair like this?


Encourage—make your audience want to read the rest of your caption! Tell them what's in it for them:


Read this if you want to learn how to write better IG captions! Read this for my top 3 tips! Keep reading to learn how to do this! Read the description for more info!


Address your audience: Hey, you. I see you struggling! I want to support you! This one's for you.


Throw 'Em For A Loop—surprise your audience with a bold statement that will make them want to click the rest of the caption.


You'll never guess what I did next! I can't believe this happened. You won't BELIEVE what happened to me today! This changed everything for me...


These are just a few examples of some good caption hooks. Once you practice following this structure and writing more engaging Instagram captions, your own voice will start to come through more, and it will feel more natural.


Remember, the goal is to sell by boosting engagement and therefore increasing sales. Don't give up!


If writing hooks takes too much of your time, check out my course with Shay Danielle, Beauty Social 365, AKA the ultimate done-for-you social media kit.


Get a full year's worth of Instagram graphics and captions specifically written to boost engagement and increase sales for beauty businesses just for $365!



2. Keep The Caption Engaging


Think of your caption like a good sandwich. The hook and CTA are your buns. They're crucial. They hold the sandwich together and make the sandwich appealing to the eye.


The middle is all of the good stuff; the fillings and sauces that make the sandwich so fulfilling!


(Maybe I wrote this blog post while hungry...)


What you don't want to do is fill up the sandwich with a bunch of stuff that's hard to get through, fillings that are too tough, or ingredients that your audience doesn't even like, so they have to pick through it to get to the good stuff.


Eventually, what are they going to do? They're just going to give up! Your captions can't sell if people don't want to read them.


So keep your caption juicy and specific.


If you need help coming up with ideas for captions, check out my blog post on content buckets and how they can help you organize your content to create content more easily.


There are a lot of ways that you can keep your captions engaging for your readers.


Use spaces—paragraphs are a great way to separate information in your captions to make them easier to read.


Lists—lists are easy to write and easy to read! They tell the reader exactly what they need to know and keep all of the information organized.


Use Emojis—emojis keep things fresh and interesting! They add a little *spice* to captions, help communicate tone, and break up the text, so it doesn't look like a giant block of letters.


Try these tips and see how they work for you!


3. Always Use A CTA To Increase Sales


Calls to action are the most critical piece of your caption if you want to increase engagement and boost sales. Why? Because they tell your audience exactly what to do after they read your whole caption!


You gave them a zinger to start with, right? You started with a great hook that grabbed their attention.


Then you gave them all of the delicious details in the middle.


You have them fully hooked. Now, where do they go?


You can't just deliver this amazing caption and leave them hanging at the very end. This is where the call to action comes in.


It all depends on what your goal is with this particular post.


Are you trying to increase your engagement? Tell your followers to comment if they liked the post, comment questions that they might have, tag a friend who might find it helpful, share it to their story, etc.


Are you trying to start conversations? Tell your followers to DM you a keyphrase for more information, comment a keyphrase so you can DM them, or text your number if they want to learn more.


Are you trying to increase sales? Direct your followers to the link in your bio where they can buy your product or sign up for your services. Tell them to DM you to make an appointment or if they're interested in buying from you.


By the time someone reaches this point of your caption, they're already one step closer to supporting your business; you just have to tell them how.


You'll be surprised to find how quickly you increase your engagement and boost your sales just by including calls to action with every piece of content you make.


I fully believe that anyone can master this structure and write fire captions that will take their business to the next level, but I understand that as entrepreneurs, we're BUSY. We have a lot of hats to wear, and adding a content creator hat to the pile might seem like a lot.


That's why Shay Danielle and I created Beauty Social 365, the ultimate done-for-you social media kit. It includes 365 pre-written Instagram captions and a year's worth of FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Instagram templates specifically geared towards beauty businesses, boosting engagement, and growing your audience.


The great thing about this kit is that we not only give you these amazing resources to create a year's worth of content for your business with just a few clicks, but we also included video modules that will help you master your content - including how to fully customize our templates and make them yours.


You want your content to look like YOUR CONTENT, not anybody else's.


With this kit, you'll learn how to easily transform our templates into your branding so that all you have to do to make content is fill in the blanks and go!


It's as easy as clicking a button.


Save yourself time and get ahead of your content!


With this kit, you get a year's worth of Canva templates made for you, a year's worth of unique captions written specifically to boost engagement, grow your audience, and sell your products and services, as well as four educational modules that will help you put all of this content together and make your job a thousand times easier!


Just imagine: you could have a whole year of content done for you right now.


Get it now for the early bird price of just $365 - that's a dollar a day for your content to be done for you.


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Beauty Business Coach Sheila Bella's social media kit, Beauty Social 365.
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