Planning Content To Attract New Clients


Turn a complete stranger into a raving fan!


All sales is psychology. That's all it is. And the same psychological pattern needs to happen when a stranger chooses you to be their artist as when you choose to buy anything else.

The question that your soon-to-be clients are always looking to be answered is this: Can you help?

One of the best ways to do this is through the content you create! My approach to creating content is always work smarter not harder - so today I want to talk to you about how you can plan your content to attract new clients - clients that are going to be absolutely obsessed with you.



1. Create Your Content Buckets


Think of content buckets like the general themes that the content you create falls under. A lot of the time we can get overwhelmed trying to come up with new ideas for content. Creating specific and intentional content buckets helps make this process so much easier!


When coming up with your content buckets, think about your business goals. What is the goal of the content you create for social media?


Do you want to bring more clients to your website? Do you want to bring in new clients? 


Do you want more students or salon clients? Your content buckets should be created with these goals in mind.


For example, if you want to bring more clients into your salon, your content buckets should be created with the intention to bring in more clients. These can be: client testimonials and reviews, progress shots, and share your offers.


If your goal is to bring in more coaching students then your content buckets can be: educate, inspire, and offer.


Here are some other examples for content buckets:

  • Share your story
  • Social proof and testimonials
  • Educate
  • Inspire 
  • Behind the scenes
  • Survey
  • Offer


When you identify your goal, you can tailor your content to that goal.


 2. Brain Dump One to Two Ideas Into Each Bucket


Take your content buckets and come up with a handful of ideas to fill each bucket with. If one of your buckets is story, come up with a few different ways to tell your story.


You don't always have to start at the very beginning. 


You can talk about a challenge you recently overcame. Or compare where you were back when you started to where you are now!


If one of your buckets is social proof, then come up with a couple of different ways to show this to your audience! You can share testimonials in video form as IGTVs, or screenshot some reviews and post them to your feed - and then you can share these to your story!


Remember that your content shouldn't just come in one form. On Instagram alone, you have feed posts, carousels, IGTV, reels, IG Lives, and stories! Remember that you can also repurpose this content on Facebook, email marketing, and more! Get creative with it. 


If you need help with ideas, check out my free guide with 50 reels ideas that will put NEW CLIENTS in your chair! 


3. Batch Your Content


This is the KEY time-saver for busy beauty bosses: batching content.


If you haven't learned how to batch content already, I'm about to blow your mind. This is a game changer.


The most efficient way to create content and be able to post it consistently is to make a bunch of it at once.


Here's what I imagine you're doing now: you spend all day in the salon working, only to remember that you have to post something. So you look around and think, okay I'll take a picture of my studio and post it - because everyone loves a BTS. But then you have to think of a caption. It's gotta be interesting and there has to be a CTA at the end to generate leads but you have no idea what the call to action should be. And now you have another client coming in and you don't have time to post anything.


Whew. I stressed myself out just thinking about that.


Now imagine this: you have a calendar for each week that tells you what you're posting on which day. On Monday, you have to post something on your feed sharing your story, so you open your folder to find dozens of ready-to-post pictures of you in different outfits, in different locations, holding different poses, that you can pull from to make a post.


Now you open another folder that has a bunch of ready-to-go captions tailored to your different content buckets! Just scroll to one that tells your story and copy and paste! Just a few minutes later you're hitting post and generating dozens of new leads with just a few clicks.


Doesn't that sound so much better?


The best thing that you can do for yourself is set aside a couple of days a month to batch content. Get your camera ready and spend a few hours doing photoshoots. Grab a cup of coffee and open up a document and start typing up a bunch of captions.


You don't have to use them all and it doesn't mean you can't post spontaneously if an idea comes to mind - it just makes your life a lot easier for when those ideas aren't free-flowing.


And remember, you can always repurpose old content! Did you write a super-long caption that you're still proud of? Open up canva and turn it into a pretty but simple carousel of quotes! Share your greatest hits!


4. Schedule Your Content



Consistency is KEY to any effective social media strategy.


You can have all the perfect hashtags and all the perfect pics but if you're not consistent with your content then you're going to work double, if not triple, as hard as you actually need to.


So make your life easier and schedule your content! Personally, my team uses Planoly. We can upload our pictures and graphics, plan our captions, add our hashtags, and schedule your posts to go out when you want them! Then you don't have to worry about being consistent.


Because you and I both know, consistency is the MOST ESSENTIAL - I want to help you out. That's why I put together this FREE content planning guide that will help you plan, organize, and stay on top of your content!