Networking is one of THE MOST important elements to running a successful business. 


But a lot of people hate networking! 


And I get it! The way we think about networking makes it seem like some kind of sneaky scheme where you're faking being nice to your industry peers just so you can get ahead of them.


But that's not what networking actually is.


The truth is that entrepreneurship can get lonely, especially if you're getting into this business alone. When you build your network you ensure that you have friends in the industry. The support that you get from your network isn't one-sided (at least, it shouldn't be, if you do it right.


Networking is just the process of building a symbiotic relationship.


It's about building a system of relationships between other industry professionals so that you can help each other grow. Networking is mutually beneficial! And it's absolutely critical.


So today I'm going to help you overcome your fears and distaste for networking by giving you my 5 best networking tips for beauty entrepreneurs PLUS I might even send you a special invite to an exciting networking opportunity coming up!


Let's do this!





You can probably think of some big-name beauty businesses that you'd LOVE to network with - but don't be afraid to start more locally!


Reach out to the businesses close to you. Yes, that means your "competition."


Listen, I've always emphasized community over competition. Sure, competition is great for kick-starting motivation and giving us something to reach for, but it doesn't really help you grow.


The businesses closest to you aren't your enemies. They may end up being your biggest supporters!


There's really nothing I love more than supporting local businesses PLUS if they're in my industry it just feels like helping out the family! Nobody can do EVERYTHING so it's nice to have a list of local businesses that can help out somewhere you can't. We all have our strengths and weaknesses - embrace them!


Some tips for networking locally:


  • Look at some of the businesses that your friends support and reach out to them
  • Visit these businesses in person and talk to them
  • Follow local pages on Instagram and interact with them
  • Attend local market pop-ups and other events with business cards
  • Buy their services



 2. Be Active On Social Media


Let's be real a lot of business takes place online now. In fact, a lot of life takes place online now.


You can buy groceries online. You can order a car online. You can attend weddings online!


The point is, your online presence is critical. It's perfectly normal to make friends on the internet (gone are the days of not talking to strangers on the web, lol).


If you're wanting to expand your network, what better place to do it than online?


Social media rules all of our lives now. Use it to your advantage!


Networking on social media is a thousand times easier than networking in person (which also DOESN'T HAVE TO BE HARD - but we'll talk about that later).


It's really as simple as just following other beauty bosses on Instagram and interacting with their content! Do you remember that phrase "treat others the way you want to be treated?" The same goes for networking.


Just support people the way you want to be supported! Hype up their posts! Respond and interact with their stories. Message them and start conversations!


Behind every account is just another living, breathing human being looking for connection and trying to make a living just like you. Don't forget that!




It can be really intimidating reaching out to artists who seem way ahead of you in their careers.


The great thing about meeting other industry peers in trainings and courses is that you're on equal footing!


Your ego should ALWAYS be left at the door when you're attending a training (or at the foot of your desk, if you're attending virtually, I guess).


A lot of virtual trainings and courses will have group chats and Facebook groups just for your group! This is the BEST place to introduce yourself, plug your business, and make some good connections.


Some of my greatest business and personal friendships were made this way! PLUS you're expanding your knowledge at the same time. What could be better than that? I'll wait.



(PS - did you know that I have a FREE Facebook Group specifically for this purpose? Beauty Biz Secrets was literally created to be a free resource where badass beauty entrepreneurs like yourself can gather, ask questions, grow their businesses, and build their beauty boss squad! This is 10/10 a great place to network and it's FREE! Go check it out.)





Yes, I AM giving you the dreaded "be yourself!" advice. You know what? Because it's actually really good advice.


This is your business on the line here. It's your FUTURE. Your legacy! You don't need to go into spaces promoting your business by pretending to be someone you're not. That's not sustainable!


I'm all for having a confident alter ego (hello, Beyonce!) In fact, Sheila Bella is my alter ego. My last name is definitely not Bella. And I'm not always this bright, bubbly, Barbie-like personality that you see all the time.


But it is still a part of me. I'm not on here pretending to be a completely different person. I'm just being my most confident self! And that's the face of my business.


Remember what I said earlier?


Behind every account is just another living, breathing human being looking for connection and trying to make a living just like you.


This is true in person too! None of us are gods. We're all just people living our lives trying to make the best of them. The people you want to network with are really just like you!


Don't be afraid to be yourself. Your gifts make you unique and that's what people want to know.




Okay, so when you think of "attending events" to "network" you might picture some awful speed dating scenario. Or a stuffy cocktail party where everyone drinks with their pinkies up and pretends they're fancier than they really are (no hate to cocktail parties! I love me a good cocktail).


But there are all kinds of great events out there for you to network at.


In fact, a lot of them are online now! This makes attending so much easier because you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You don't even have to put pants on or wear heels!


Seriously, what could be better than that?


I might even have the perfect event in mind for you...


So my bestie Shay Danielle and I have been talking about this kind of thing for a long time. The beauty industry desperately needs more connection!


There are so many fresh beauty entrepreneurs out there that need to build their network but it seems impossible to break into the industry to even make these connections.


That's why we're hosting a Virtual Beauty Social! On January 21st, 2022, we're going live on zoom for an hour of fun, drinks, prizes, networking, AND an even bigger, more exciting announcement that you truly don't want to miss.


Trust me, this is going to be the BIGGEST event of the new year.


Don't miss this exciting opportunity to expand your network in 2022! Just click the link below to get your FREE ticket!


I can't wait to see you there!