You HAVE to stop waiting for the right moment.


Trust me, I know how it is. You don't have your business started yet, you don't have a salon yet, you don't have your course prepared yet - and that's why you don't want to talk about it.

But I'm telling you, this is the single greatest mistake I see entrepreneurs make no matter where they are in their careers. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or if you've been in the business for 10 years. Fear can stop all of us.

So this episode is dedicated to you, wherever you are in your business, even if you've only ever dreamt of it. You need to start talking about it.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [04:41]  Here's the BIGGEST mistake I see new entrepreneurs make.

‣‣  [08:21]  You have to shift your mindset about social media marketing.

‣‣  [09:25]  Like it or not you need to start viewing yourself as a community leader - because that's how you earn trust.

‣‣  [10:28]  Your focus shouldn't be on the MONEY it should be on the CLIENTS.






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Sheila Bella:

Most people don't promote their beauty business before they're ready. I'm telling you to talk about your beauty business even before it exists. Yep. Here's what I would do if I had to start all over again. Keep it locked right here on Pretty Rich Podcast.


Welcome to Pretty Rich Podcast where you're totally the heroine of your own story. I'm your host, Sheila Bella, and I've built a seven figure PMU beauty biz, and a seven figure online biz without a degree without a fancy website, or a sugar daddy. And if you and I hang out on here long enough, you're going to start to believe that you can do it too. How about that for a side effect of listening to this podcast? Because you really can. I know you think, "I don't know you. I've no idea who you are." But I do. I really, really do, because I am you, I was you, and I believe we are all on the same journey together.


My perfect job didn't exist so I created it. The job I wanted wasn't hurting me, wanted nothing to do with me. So I skipped the line and hired myself as CEO, just like you can. So consider me your secret beauty biz BFF in case you need to be reminded on a weekly basis that power is never just handed to you, you have to take it. Are you ready beauty boss? Let's jump in.


Guys, welcome to another amazing episode of Pretty Rich Podcast. My name is Sheila Bella and I am a beauty business strategist, success speaker, celebrity microblader, and podcast host. Guys, before we move on to this very important topic, because this tip I got to say, it's not just for newbies in the industry, it's for everybody. If you have anything new, if you have an online course that you haven't created yet, if you have a product that it's not ready yet, it's not out for sale yet. Just if you have something that you know you will be selling, but it's not quite ready, this tip is applicable. But I am going to be talking about it through the lens of somebody who hasn't even gotten their certification yet or maybe doesn't have a location yet.


All right. Before we start, I just wanted to remind you that tickets for the Pretty Ambitious Summit 2021 virtual hybrid event is now on sale. This is the ultimate girl power event for PMU and lash boss babes, where you can gain confidence, learn marketing, create connections, breakthrough your fears, think bigger, and master sales. So my mission for this event is to create what I needed 10 years ago. I needed it and here it is. We're going to have for the very first time a hybrid of speakers. Half of the speakers will be from the personal development and business world and the other half will be industry niche specific speakers. You're going to learn things in this summit from the comfort of your own home that you would have to pay several thousands of dollars for. Topics like how to create an online store, how to have a multilevel academy, how to create an online course, how to get to your first 10K followers on Instagram as quickly as possible, how to build a team, and how to build your brand.


And the very first speaker that we just announced two days ago is Gary V. Gary Vaynerchuk. Yes, I'm talking about the Gary V will be speaking about the beauty business at the Pretty Ambitious Summit. And right now you guys, the tickets are only $327, but if you text the word “Gary” to (310) 388-4588, I will go ahead and text you back a discount code. Guys, this is like six figures worth of business coaching crammed into three days at a fraction of a fraction of the fraction of a cost. You can check it out too on Instagram at Pretty Ambitious Summit, or go to sheilabella.com/event.


Okay, so let's chat about your beauty business. What would I do if I had to start all over again? Listen, the biggest mistake I see a lot of young beauty entrepreneurs make, or just new entrepreneurs, okay, new beauty entrepreneurs. The biggest mistake that I see them make is that they wait until everything is ready before they talk about their business. They say, "You know what? I don't have a location yet and that's why I'm not posting about it. I don't have consistent clients yet." So they're afraid that they're going to run out of transformation photos to post. People wait to market their beauty businesses until they have everything in order.


So I think this is the big mistake okay, and bear with me. Imagine your opening day. Which one would you rather have? A, a few people who just found out about you and that now you're open for business and they're curious about seeing more. A few people, okay? Or, B, a massive wait list full of eager clients that are ready for business, ready to pay and book an appointment with you now because they've been waiting for months. B of course.


So I think something that frustrates a lot of beauty business owners is they're like why isn't this happening faster? Because you have to build an audience first. You skipped the biggest step is to fill the seats, get attention. If you just open your business without a wait list, without an audience, it's like singing for an empty theater.


Do you want more clients? Do you want more customers or students for your training? Do you want to build a profitable online beauty business that teaches other people how to do what you do? I know you know that I'm the host of this program, but what you may not know is that I've built two multiple seven figure beauty businesses, one, a permanent makeup studio, and the other, a profitable online business. And both of them make six figures a month. And I am on a mission to help every woman I meet do the same thing. My mentorship program, Pretty Rich Bosses, is pretty incredible. It's my online mentorship program where it's one-on-one and it's also group. It's something that I've built to help beauty entrepreneurs just like you find their way to success so that they can meet their highest potential. And if you're wondering if this is going to work for you, and you're wondering is this a scam, don't just take it from me. Listen to these incredible testimonials from real students currently in the program.

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I was able to sell enough courses in two weeks to make my full six month program investment back.

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Because of Sheila, in my first few weeks, I closed five clients in my coaching program and I'm not even in microblading.

Speaker 7:

The honest sales strategies have led to the most bookings I have ever had.

Speaker 8:

I got to tell you, last week I made 5K working from home and not even launching my freaking full courses yet.

Sheila Bella:

If you're ready for transformations just like these, go to sheilabella.com/apply and let's set up a complimentary strategy call to see if Pretty Rich Bosses can help you get the results you know you deserve too. Again, go to sheilabella.com/apply.


Guys, you have to shift the way you think about your social media marketing. Okay? Your job, even before you open your beauty business, is to build a brand first. Tell your brand story, find that. Don't just be an ad. You're not Beyonce where you can just drop an album and say, "I'm open for business," in the middle of the night and sell out, right? You have to have a runway of nurturing. Ads are annoying. Don't be an ad. Tell your story. We follow people who feel like they could be our friends, who teach us something, who inspire us. So my advice to you is to nurture before you sell whatever the thing is, an online course, your beauty business, a new service you're offering. Because at the end of the day, all of this stuff comes down to trust. Every day ask yourself, "How can I build trust with my community today?"


And you, whether you like it or not, you're a community leader. You're the community leader of your Instagram page, of your Facebook page. I know that feels really weird, but see your page, see your platform as more of a community. I get it. The reason why you hate sales, the reason why I hate sales or used to hate sales, is that it's not authentic. When you're just yourself though, sales is easy. Sales is great and it feels good, only if it's in integrity. Authentic sales is easy. So just be yourself. Be a friend, be you, be real. Be everything but everyone else. Don't just share your mountaintops with people, be real, share your valleys too. The journey is exciting and if you bring people on board for the trip, they're going to root for you.


So your business priority should be to have clients. This is going to sound weird. Your business priority should be to have your clients attend your funeral and not your events. That is when you realize the added value you've given them and the meaning that your brand has built. In everything create meaning, find meaning. Unfortunately nowadays a lot of energy is focused on how to become successful monetarily as fast as possible, fast money, fast fame, fast success, and this leads to disappointment.


A business mentor once told me that poor people focus on what can I get? And you know these people, you don't want to work with them. As opposed to rich people who focus on what value can I give? So if you want to be successful, you first need to focus on how to be valuable not only to your clients, but to your team, your colleagues, and people in the same industry.


We are living in a fast paced environment you guys with the media trying to distract us with panic porn headlines at every scroll. So now more than ever, we need to remember first and foremost that we are all humans with an authentic story, more than just a product to sell. We are humans with the power to heal. Heal one another through kindness, understanding, and using our strengths to help others lead better lives.


So today, focus on ways that you can show up for your customer, your friend, in a more meaningful way. Focus on her. Take the focus off yourself and I promise you, you'll find the courage there to show up. The faster you want it, the more vulnerable you are and the more apparent it is that you're not in it for the right reasons. Focus on bringing value, focus on being real. Tell your story, connect with others. That's how you build a seven figure brand.


If this podcast helped you in any way, shape or form, I want to encourage you to leave us some feedback on iTunes. I get a kick out of reading these reviews. Thank you guys for spending time with me today and until next time.


Hey, thanks so much for listening to today's episode of Pretty Rich Podcast. If you want to continue the conversation longer, check me out on Instagram. It's my favorite place to connect with you guys @realsheilabella. I'm happy to answer any of your questions or simply to chat and get to know you better. And if you end up doing something super awesome, like screenshotting this episode and reposting it on your stories, that would put the biggest smile on my face. Don't forget to tag me. I appreciate every share and love feedback from my listeners. Also, do you have my number? Do you have my number, because if we're going to keep hanging out, you should probably have my number. So you can actually text me, that's right, you can text me at (310) 388-4588.


And if you're sick and tired of doing business alone and you're interested in accelerating your success by hiring a business coach or joining our mentorship program called Pretty Rich Bosses, go ahead and just apply. Why not check it out? Go to sheilabella.com/apply and we'll schedule a free strategy session with either myself or one of my advisors.


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