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Ep. 112: What I Learned About Beauty Marketing From Dancing At A Gentlemen's Club And Now Working In The Microblading, Lips, And Liner Sales Business


Beauty marketing and Gentlemen's Clubs - what do they have in common?


Um. A lot actually.

Have you ever seen the movie Hustlers? Those girls are WORKING for their money. It's not just about looking pretty. It's about strategy. It's about, you guess it, marketing!

For this episode, I brought on one of my good friends and sales advisors, Victoria Racca, who just so happened to be a dancer at a gentlemen's club for three years before she got into PMU. We talk all about strip clubs, sugar babies, marketing and sales strategies, and all of the advice you need to succeed in the beauty industry. 



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [05:15]  First of all, my theory is that marketing and sales are just like The Bachelor. Yeah?

‣‣  [07:07]  Here, I ask Victoria to take us back a bit and tell us about her life before she got into PMU.

‣‣  [09:59]  Victoria never hid the fact that she worked as a dancer but did struggle to find the right way to tell her now-husband about her past. We talk about that struggle a bit here.

‣‣  [14:44]  Have you seen Hustlers? If not - go watch it right now. Then come right back. When I watched the movie I felt a strong connection to the girls in the movie. Here Victoria and I talk about how girls in the strip club who make their bank have similar sales and marketing strategies as we do in PMU whereas other girls will just expect to get paid because they're pretty. Who do you think makes it work?

‣‣  [19:06]  If you've taken my courses you may have heard my analogy that your Instagram is a lot like a strip club. Let's dive into that.

‣‣  [22:25]  Victoria and I talk about her experience in the club helps her in sales now.

‣‣  [23:14]  Let's talk about sugar babies and how feelings and connections really sell.

‣‣  [29:56]  What advice should those starting out in the beauty industry take and what advice should they leave behind?

‣‣  [32:04]  Lastly, Victoria shares the mindset that changed her life, professionally and personally.





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