Ep. 139: @beautybydrcat, Dr. Cat on Plastic Surgery, Being on Dr. 90210 on E!, Cattyness in the beauty business & important life lessons


"Be yourself and believe in yourself."


Those are the sage words from this episode's guest, Dr. Cat. If you don't already know her, you need to get on that quick. Go follow her on IG. Right now. Did you follow her? Okay. Good.

So Dr. Cat is an incredible board-certified plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills CA who pioneered labiaplasty and has changed the lives of SO MANY women. She's not only an incredible surgeon but she is one of the bravest, most sure of herself women I've had the pleasure to talk to. She's also like, the sister I always wanted. We have so much in common and even though we haven't had the chance to meet in person I just feel so connected to her. I understand her and her story and she understands me. And I know a lot of you will connect with her too.

In this episode, we're going to get real deep. We're gonna dig into some of the darkest points of Dr. Cat's life, how she got out of them, her best advice...

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Ep. 129: Beauty Angels Founder Kler Rosenberg Opens Up About Branco Babic And Phi Brows


Kler Rosenberg has majorly transformed the beauty industry.


That's not an exaggeration. That's not a groundbreaking thing to say. It's just the truth. She's literally a master of microblading and she's teaching other microbladers her masterful skills and just building this empire of incredibly talented PMU artists. She's incredible and I'm so honored that she agreed to come on the podcast and share all of her secrets with us. (I'm kidding - Kler doesn't have secrets).

A lot of people will look at social media, look at Kler's online presence, and think "Oh well she has it made. Look at her, her life is just perfect, I bet she was born with all of this." Because we love to make assumptions about people. We love to believe that we can be little detectives and figure out an entire person's life just by looking at a couple of pictures they post online.

But Kler struggled for her success. She fought for it. She always believed in herself and she...

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Ep. 123: Tess Marti: How To Recover From Betrayal In The Business, PMU Boss Babes Listen Up


The beauty industry is full of so much beauty but it can also be very ugly.


This industry can be really cutthroat and it can be hard to know who you can and can't trust. I've been burned a number of times since I've been in PMU. I've had those who I literally considered family betray me. For those of you who are fresh in the industry, who are new and don't have a lot of connections, that can be very frightening.

Enter Tessa Marti who, while she's only been in the industry for two years now, is incredibly beyond her years. She's not only incredibly skilled but she has taken so many risks in her business. With those risks she's faced her own fair share of betrayals. In this episode, we're going to dig into her story to understand how to recover from betrayal in the beauty busy and get some advice on how to grow into your own.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [01:56]  First I want to introduce Tess Marti to those of you...

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Ep. 115: Ripped And Rich With The Scuplted Vegan Kim Constable AKA The Million Dollar Mentor: Bringing You Tips To "Muscle Up" Your PMU, Lash, Or Microblading Beauty Business


Saying you CAN'T do something is just another way that FEAR and COMFORT hold you back from achieving your goals. 


In this episode, I have the controversial Kim Constable AKA The Sculpted Vegan AKA The Million Dollar Mentor. Not only is she helping people build the bodies of their dreams, but she's also helping them make their millions. If anyone exemplifies the Pretty Rich mindset - it's her.

And she's not mincing her words in this podcast. If you're not achieving your goals - truth is that you're probably the MAIN thing holding you back. Are you really ready to level up and GROW your business? Then listen up richies.



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [17:14]  We start off the conversation with some rapid-fire questions to warm us up.

‣‣  [25:14]  It's easy to see someone as successful as Kim on Instagram and think "ugh she has EVERYTHING! She has everything figured out!" So I want to know what is challenging her...

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Ep. 114: Sometimes Patience Can Be Used As An Excuse For Not Working Hard Enough In Your Beauty Business


You might be letting the idea of "patience is a virtue" keep you from reaching your fullest potential faster. 


It might not seem like it - but your patience can really hold you back. It's probably keeping you safe. It's probably actually STOPPING you from taking ACTION and making your dreams a REALITY. Like, you could taste success today - but if you're letting patience and plans slow you down you might not feel that success for YEARS.

I know that it can be hard to tell the difference between smart planning and comfortable planning. In this episode I'm going to sit down with you and share some hard truths so that you can really be critical of yourself and where you are with your beauty business and figure out whether or not you're just using patience as an excuse.

I guarantee this episode is going to be a real kick in the butt for you. No matter where you are with your beauty business - this will motivate you to push yourself even further towards success....

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Ep. 112: What I Learned About Beauty Marketing From Dancing At A Gentlemen's Club And Now Working In The Microblading, Lips, And Liner Sales Business


Beauty marketing and Gentlemen's Clubs - what do they have in common?


Um. A lot actually.

Have you ever seen the movie Hustlers? Those girls are WORKING for their money. It's not just about looking pretty. It's about strategy. It's about, you guess it, marketing!

For this episode, I brought on one of my good friends and sales advisors, Victoria Racca, who just so happened to be a dancer at a gentlemen's club for three years before she got into PMU. We talk all about strip clubs, sugar babies, marketing and sales strategies, and all of the advice you need to succeed in the beauty industry. 



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [05:15]  First of all, my theory is that marketing and sales are just like The Bachelor. Yeah?

‣‣  [07:07]  Here, I ask Victoria to take us back a bit and tell us about her life before she got into PMU.

‣‣  [09:59]  Victoria never hid the fact that she worked as a dancer but did struggle to find...

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Ep. 110: Instagram Stories That Sell For Your PMU, Microblading, Or Lash Beauty Business




Listen up, beauty boss! I have built a successful multi-six-figure business through Instagram alone EVEN through quarantine. Yes, you heard me right. Even through this global pandemic and crisis economy, my Instagram stories have sold

I had my doubts when they first introduced the story feature too but trust me, sister friend, you want to hop on your IG stories RIGHT NOW if you haven't already. Not sure how you can make IG stories that sell for your PMU, microblading, or lash beauty business? Well, I'm here to help! In this episode we're going to cover my top three tips for creating IG stories that will sell your products and services FOR you. Ready? Let's go!



Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [02:34]  How do I know that Instagram Stories sell so well?

‣‣  [06:23]  Here's my first tip: organize an IG takeover.

‣‣ ...

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Ep. 85: The 5 Commandments of Being a Boss in the Beauty Biz


Today we're going to talk business. We're going to give you props for what you're doing right and also try to figure out what you could be doing better.


I know you're serious about your business. I know because you're here! I was in the same place as you at one point. When I first started experiencing success in my business - it was like validation. When I got that, the next thing I wanted was time. And real success in my business gave me that.

I know that's what you want too so in this episode I share with you my Top 5 Commandments for Beauty Boss success in PMU and Lashes.


Here are the episode highlights:

‣‣  [08:59]  I start with my number one commandment: the client is the real boss.

‣‣  [11:04]  Here I share a rookie move I pulled a couple of months ago. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!

‣‣  [14:32]  Emotions can get in the way of you doing a good job sometimes. Let's talk about that!

‣‣  [17:55]  My thoughts on what makes...

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Ep. 36: Characteristics Of SIX FIGURE Beauty Entrepreneurs. All The Things You NEED In Order To Succeed In The Beauty Business


Hey boss beauty babe, are you reaching the level of success you're striving for? Are you putting in the work and not getting where you want fast enough? Are you starting to doubt that you have what it takes?


No need to fear, friend, I'm here to help! I don't know if you know this, but along with being a boss beauty entrepreneur myself, I also happen to work with and am friends with SO MANY other boss beauty entrepreneurs. Honestly, I couldn't tell you how many amazing women in the beauty industry I've had the pleasure of talking to let alone working with. So, what I'm saying is, I know a thing or two about beauty entrepreneurs. And I know what characteristics make for a successful beauty boss.

Yeah, I said it. I know the secrets. I know the tricks of the trade. And I'm here to share them with you. I put together a list of the top 15 traits that I see reflected in ALL of the successful beauty bosses I know. And these are all things that I believe you can...

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